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      Want to sell your sheet music, but aren’t sure where to sell it? How much is old sheet music worth? Flipsy.com has the answers A Flipsy customer recently asked us where they could sell a large collection of sheet music.

      Is that new smartphone you want a good investment? How much will it be worth in the future? Flipsy.com explains electronic device depreciation and how to maximize your return when it’s time to sell If you’re buying a new smartphone or other mobile device you probably haven’t given much thought to its future value; however, if you like to trade up for the latest and greatest gadgets every couple of years it literally pays to know what your phone will be worth when it’s time to sell.

      Flipsy.com investigates whether any companies buy locked iPhones, and how you might be able to disable Activation Lock to sell your used iPhone “Do you ever buy iPhones that are iCloud locked?” That question, recently submitted by a Flipsy.com customer, was intriguing; and one of the few we didn’t readily have an answer for.

      Flipsy.com examines whether cell phone repair is still lucrative, details updated training opportunities, and offers an overview of the market to help you decide whether to enter the cell phone repair business Awhile back we offered a detailed guide titled “How to Enter the Cell Phone Repair Business.” It’s a popular post packed with lots of great intel, but we also recognize things change quickly in the rapid-fire technology industry.

      Who pays the most for used smartphones? Find out where you can sell your phone for cash in this article that compares different selling options from Amazon, Ebay, Swappa, and Flipsy Is it time to upgrade your smartphone? The key to selling your old phone is to get the highest payout for the least hassle.

Flipsy.com shows you how to replace the battery in your iPad Air

If your iPad Air isn’t holding a charge you might need to replace the battery. It isn’t the simplest process, but with the right tools and the following step-by-step instructions you can replace your own iPad Air battery.

What you need:
Small Phillips screwdriver
Suction cup
Pry tool
Triangle opening tools or guitar picks
Replacement iPad Air battery (around $35)

STEP 1: Use the hairdryer to heat the outer left front edge of your iPad Air to soften the underlying adhesi... more »

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Need to replace your Google Nexus One volume button? Flipsy.com’s DIY guide shows you how

HTC Google Nexus One volume button not working? Chances are it’s not the volume button itself that’s defective but the volume button flex cable, an interior component that’s also attached to the audio jack and other flex cables. Replacing the flex cable isn’t exceedingly difficult, but it does take some patience and the right tools. The following shows you how to replace your HTC Google Nexus One volume button flex cable.

What you need:
T5 Torx screwdriver
Small Phillips screwdriver
Pry tool
Replacement Nexus One volume button flex cabl... more »

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Flipsy.com shows you how to reset your iPad 2 password

Forgot your iPad 2 password? No problem – the following guide shows you how to reset your iPad 2 password (also known as a passcode) in a few simple steps.

If you have previously synced your iPad 2 with iTunes, it’s easy to reset your passcode without losing data.

STEP 1: Connect your iPad 2 to your computer and launch iTunes. Select your iPad 2 once the software loads.

STEP 2: Select Backup Now, and wait for the backup to complete.

STEP 3: Select Restore Backup, and choose the most recent backup file. Your iPad 2 will restore all your files, settings, and apps; and allow you to create a new password.
... more »

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Flipsy.com shows you how to back up and erase your iPhone 5 data so you can safely resell your device.

If you want to sell your iPhone 5 so you can upgrade to a new device or just for extra pocket cash, you need to back up and erase your data to protect your identity, account access, and personal photos. A used 16GB iPhone 5 (Verizon) in good condition is currently worth more than $180 on the private market and can instantly be sold to buyback vendors for more than $140 – attractive figures for buyers, sellers, and identity thieves. Take the following steps to securely sell your old iPhone 5, confident in the knowledge your private data is safely backed up and protected.
... more »

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Flipsy.com shows you how to replace your LG G3 cameras, front and rear

Is your LG G3 camera broken? You can replace it yourself with the following LG G3 front and rear camera DIY replacement guide from Flipsy.

What you need:
Pry tool
Small Phillips screwdriver
Replacement LG G3 camera(s)

STEP 1: Remove the rear case and battery.

STEP 2: Remove the thirteen screws located around the perimeter of the underlying frame.

STEP 3: Use your fingernail to gently pry the frame off the device (you can use the same side slot you used to remove the rear case). There are two pieces to the frame, top and bottom, and b... more »

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