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If your LG G2 battery goes bad, you'll need to replace it in order to continue using your phone. Fortunately, replacing your LG G2 battery isn't difficult, though it does require a little bit of patience. The following details how to replace your LG G2 battery, step-by-step.

How to change your LG G2 battery

1. Use a straightened paper clip to remove the SIM card tray (locate the tray on the side of your phone, then use the paper clip to push in the small hole next to it – the tray will pop out, so you can pull it the rest of the way for removal)

2. Use a PRY TOOL to remove the back cover from your LG G2. Starting at the SIM card tray slot, gently pull the back case away from the device so you can fit your pry tool in the seam. Then, slide the pry tool to the left to continue back cover removal
... more »

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Reselling old textbooks can be a lucrative endeavor, provided you're able to buy used textbooks at low prices and sell them at reasonable markups. Given that new textbook prices continue to rise at an astronomical rate and the fact that the average student will spend $5,000 on textbooks over the course of earning a four-year degree, it's not difficult to find buyers for lower-priced used textbooks. First, of course, you have to buy old textbooks, and that begins with knowing where to look for them. The following lists several places you can find old textbooks to resell and offers tips for buying low so you can maximize profits.

Before the hunt: what you need to know about used textbooks

Before you go textbook hunting it's a good idea to understand which textbooks are in demand and which are being dropped from curricula.... more »

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If you want to sell your Blackberry Z10, you need to reset it to factory settings in order to protect your private data and identity. The following details how to factory reset your Blackberry Z10.

Before you wipe your Blackberry Z10, be sure to back up all important data to your computer; otherwise, your data will be unrecoverable. Never sell your Blackberry Z10 without first performing a security wipe. Fortunately, resetting your Blackberry Z10 is a simple, straight-forward process. Here's how to do it:

Alternatively, you can browse to SEARCH, then enter “wipe”
You will be taken to the Blackberry Security Wipe screen
Type in the word “'blackbe... more »

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If your iPhone 5S headphone jack isn't working, you can probably repair or replace it yourself. The following offers detailed instructions for repairing your iPhone 5S headphone jack.

Clean your iPhone 5S headphone jack and check your headphones

Before you attempt to replace your iPhone 5S headphone jack, be sure to clean your headphone jack either by blowing compressed air into it, removing dust with a small cotton swab, and/or running a small needle wrapped with double-sided tape in the jack to make sure nothing is preventing the jack from making a secure connection with your headphones. You should also try another set of headphones to make sure the problem resides with your headphone jack. If your headphone jack is clean and you've ruled out headphones as the culprit, you'... more »

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If your Motorola Moto X won't charge, chances are you can repair it yourself. The following offers detailed instructions for repairing or replacing your Motorola Moto X charging port.

Clean the charging port and check your charger

Start by trying a different phone charger to see if it works; a bad cable or charger could be the culprit. If that's not the case, you should then clean your charging port to make sure dust, lint, and debris aren't preventing a solid connection between your charger and charging port. You can clean your Motorola Moto X charging port via any or all of the following three methods:

Use canned air to blow into the port
Use a cotton swab to gentl... more »

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