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      Flipsy.com examines Apple's Upgrade Program to reveal whether it's a good deal.Is the Apple Upgrade Program a good deal? In the wake of its online debut, Flipsy.com breaks down the numbers so you can make a smart choice when you buy your next iPhone.

      Donating children's books is a powerful way to make a positive impact on young lives; here, Flipsy.com lists some of the best opportunities for donating children's books.To foster a love for reading is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon a child.

      Is your iPhone battery dead? Flipsy.com compares battery replacement options, including battery brands, pricing, and replacement services.In a world reliant on mobile communications, a dead iPhone battery can be one of the most frustrating misfortunes you'll face - especially since Apple hasn't made it easy to replace your iPhone battery.

      Should you use an online phone repair service to replace your cracked screen? Flipsy.com has the details on how much online screen repairs cost and how they compare to local repair and DIY options.Online cracked screen replacement shops promise to repair your phone fast, but are such services all they're cracked up to be? Here, we compare what popular repair shops charge to replace broken screens, what customers say about them, and how they stack up to local and do-it-yourself options.


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Apple is banking on secondary sales to fuel its enormous services market.Despite record iPhone sales in 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook anticipates a slowdown in the upgrade cycle.

Huawei is expected to release the Matebook 10 in 2016. Here is what you need to know about Huawei's Matebook 10.

Available Date
  • 2016

Notable Features and Rumored Specs ... more »

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The Apple iPhone 7 Plus (possibly to be named the iPhone Pro) is expected to be available Fall 2016. Here is what you need to know about Apple's iPhone 7 Plus.

Notable Features ... more »

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