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      If you want to trade in your old smartphone so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or other Android phone, you obviously want to get the highest possible payout with the least amount of effort.

      It can be terrifying: that moment when you reach for your phone and realize you left it on the airplane you just unboarded – even worse if that moment comes later in the car, hotel, or even at home.

      If you have unused gold jewelry lying around or packed away, you might be considering selling it for cash so you can buy something you really want.

      In the wake of Apple's iPhone 6 announcement all four major U.S.

      Chances are your smartphone screen is made from Gorilla Glass, long the king of the smartphone screen jungle, but that could soon be changing: a new breed of ultra-strong materials are threatening to dethrone Gorilla Glass by making smartphone screens scratch-proof and shatter-proof.

If your iPhone 5S camera stops working you won't be able to take snapshots of memorable moments on-the-go. Fortunately, you can replace your broken iPhone 5S camera yourself with the right tools, a bit of patience, and the following step-by-step instructions.

What You Need
P2 Pentalobe screwdriver
#000 screwdriver
suction cup
pry tool
spudger (rear camera only)
paper clip (rear camera only)
replacement rear or front camera assembly

STEP 1: Remove the two screws adjacent to the charging port (lightning connector)

STEP 2: Place the suction cup toward the bottom of the front screen, then lift so your iPhone hinges at the top. You might need to use ... more »

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If you want to sell your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the first steps are to backup your data and then erase it by resetting your Galaxy Note 3 to factory settings. The following guide will help you backup and erase your Galaxy Note 3 data.

How to backup your Galaxy Note 3

Backing up all your Note 3 information can be performed by following a multi-step process; or you can backup everything all at once with Samsung's free Kies 3 software, which is the method we'll be covering. Kies 3 backs up your contacts, messages, call log, preferences, and email account as well as videos, photos, music, and content stored internally (you must also remove... more »

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Cash for Gold USA (http://cashforgoldusa.com/) is a division of CJ Environmental (http://cjenvironmental.com/), a precious metal, electronic, and dental metal refining company based in Sharon, Massachusetts. The company was featured on Fox for paying out three times more for gold than other companies in an undercover television investigation. Cash for Gold USA buys gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, dental and electronic scrap, gold jewelry, watches, and coins.

Cash for Gold USA offers a three-step process for buying your gold:

1. Fill out an online form to request a free “Safepak” mailer
2. Mail your gold, jewelry, and other items back in the Safepak
3. Receive your se... more »

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If you want to trade in your old smartphone so you can upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, or other Android phone, you obviously want to get the highest possible payout with the least amount of effort. The T-Mobile Best Trade-In Value Guarantee promises to match any trade-in value offered by Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint and then beat it by an additional $50 and by paying your Early Termination Fees (ETFs). Is it just marketing-speak, or does T-Mobile really offer the best trade-in value for your old smartphone? Does T-Mobile really pay your ETF? Do you have to jump through hoops to cash in on T-Mobile's offer? Flipsy.com investigates.

What is the T-Mobile Best Trade-In Value Guarantee?

T-Mobile's p... more »

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Good news! The Flipsy BookSeller (ISBN barcode scanning app) is now available in the Apple app store and ready to download for iPhone and iPads. With the BookSeller app you can quickly scan a book's ISBN to find out how much it is selling for in addition to finding its trade-in and buyback value.

Learn more about the Flipsy BookSeller app and get the android or ios version here.

Of course we would love to hear any feedback you have (good, bad or otherwise) You can email your feedback to info@flipsy.com

... more »

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