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      In the wake of Apple's iPhone 6 announcement all four major U.S.

      Chances are your smartphone screen is made from Gorilla Glass, long the king of the smartphone screen jungle, but that could soon be changing: a new breed of ultra-strong materials are threatening to dethrone Gorilla Glass by making smartphone screens scratch-proof and shatter-proof.

      You've seen the cash-for-gold ads, and perhaps you have some gold jewelry or gold coins you'd like to sell, but you can't stop wondering: is it safe to sell gold online? The short answer is “yes,” as long as you deal with reputable buyers and take proper precautions to avoid being scammed.

      Vinyl records are making a comeback, with everyone from Jack White to Daft Punk releasing new albums on vinyl and LP sales growing by 32 percent in 2013 and by 40 percent in 2014.

      Over the past 18 months a lot of speculation has been made about sapphire in the smartphone industry; specifically, sapphire screens.

If you've forgotten your Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen pin, you might be frustrated to learn that most solutions require you to perform a hard factory reset that wipes all data from your device. However, there might be a way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 and retain your data. The following offers detailed steps for unlocking your Galaxy S5 and how to factory reset your S5 in the worst case scenario.

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Device Manager

If you've registered your Galaxy S5 with Android Device Manager, you can use the service's “lock” feature to reset your password from any computer. You might not remember registering your device with the service, but if you've downloaded apps to your device fro... more »

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Being locked out of your iPhone is one of the most frustrating experiences in the digital age. Fortunately, if you've forgotten your iPhone lock screen password you can gain access to your iPhone and reset it by following a few simple steps. Although there are several methods that require a complete factory reset, one solution allows you to disable your password and retain your iPhone data. The following details how you can unlock your iPhone if you've forgotten your lock screen password.

STEP 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

STEP 2: iTunes will recognize your iPhone even when it's locked; now, you can sync your device with iTunes to prevent data loss.

STEP 3: Next, simultaneously press the HOME and ... more »

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If you've forgotten your HTC One lock screen pin most solutions call for a hard factory reset, which wipes all your data (if you instead used a pattern to lock your HTC One, you can alternatively log in with your Google account credentials – unless you're on the Verizon network). No one wants to lose their data, of course, and there are two methods you can try to reset your password without having to lose your data. The following examines each of these methods and additionally offers instructions for performing a hard factory reset on your HTC One in the worst case scenario.

Unlock Your HTC One with the Android Device Manager

If your HTC One is registered with the Android Device Manager, you might be able to set a temporary password from your computer.... more »

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In the wake of Apple's iPhone 6 announcement all four major U.S. wireless carriers have announced new trade-in programs designed to get consumers to stay on or switch to their plans. Flipsy.com takes a closer look at the new trade-in programs offered by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to see which presents the best deal and whether these plans stack up to traditional iPhone trade-in and buyback services.

Details of the new iPhone 6 trade-in programs

Each of the four major carriers are vying for your business by offering incentives to sign up for their plans. Here's how they break down.

... more »

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If your HTC One won't charge, the charging port could be the culprit. The following guide details how to repair or replace your HTC One charging port.

Clean your HTC One charging port

Before you decide to replace your HTC One charging port make sure it's clear of dust and debris that can build up inside and prevent a solid connection with your phone charger. You can do so by:

blowing compressed (or canned) air into the charging port
using a cotton swab to pull lint and dust out of the charging port
using a needle wrapped with double-sided tape to pull dust and debris out of the charging port

In addition, you should make sure your charger works by testing it on a different device and by testing a working charger o... more »

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