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      Chances are, you have $265 or more worth of unused phones, tablets, and video game consoles in your home.Flipsy.com shows you how to cash in by decluttering today.If you're like most Americans, you have hundreds of dollars' worth of unused gadgets cluttering your drawers.

      Your used cellphone might be valuable on the resale market; Flipsy.com shows you which used cellphones are worth the most money and how to sell your phone at the highest priceYou probably know your used cellphone has value, but do you know if it commands top dollar from buyback companies? Below, find out if your phone makes Flipsy's top dollar list; plus, get tips for landing the highest price when you sell your used devices.

      Cell phone number parking lets you keep your number when you relocate or take a temporary leave. Here, Flipsy.com shows you how to park your cell phone number Chances are you've had the same cell phone number for years - it's the number all your friends and family members know to call - but you risk losing it forever if you plan to relocate, take a long trip, or you'll be on leave or military duty for an extended period of time.

      Paying too much for wireless service? Flipsy.com shows you how to negotiate a lower rateIf your cell phone bill is getting out of hand you might be able to negotiate a lower rate that saves you hundreds of dollars annually.

      Cell phone cramming has cost wireless customers hundreds of millions of dollars, but if you've been victimized you might be able to get a refund-- Flipsy.com shows you how. Have you been victimized by cell phone cramming? Most people never know if they have.

Who pays more for a used Nokia Lumia Icon, Walmart or AT&T? Flipsy.com has the answer!

Thinking about selling your Nokia Lumia Icon? You might be considering selling your device to a store like Walmart or carrier like AT&T, depending on who pays more. Flipsy, the world's most comprehensive buyback price comparison engine, shows you who will pay the most for your Nokia Lumia Icon: Walmart, AT&T, or a Flipsy-approved buyer. ... more »

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Vector, a new smartwatch brand from London, is introducing the Vector Meridian in the United States this fall. Vector has worked to give its smartwatches a high-end feel. The Meridian features a rectangular face and is customizable. One strong point in its favor is the purported 30-day battery life. You can expect these features from the Vector Meridian. ... more »

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The Sony Xperia Z5 is set to be released in October 2015. It promises the fastest autofocus on a smartphone plus long battery life. It also features a striking design and a waterproof build, making it a serious contender for a share of the smartphone market. Here are more details on what is expected to be included with the Sony Xperia Z5. ... more »

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Who pays more for a used iPad Mini Retina, AT&T or Best Buy? Flipsy.com has the answer!

Do you have an old iPad Mini Retina to sell? If so, it stands to reason you'd want to get the most money for it. Fortunately, you don't have to spend hours scouring buyback and trade-in sites to see who offers the highest payouts - Flipsy has already done the hard work for you. Here, we compare current iPad Mini Retina trade-in and buyback offers from AT&T, Best Buy, and Flipsy buyers. ... more »

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Rumored to be unveiled on October 6, 2015 the Surface Pro 4 will be the successor to the company's Surface Pro 3. Not much is known about the device, save for the fact that it would have the same form-factor as its predecessor, and a similar charging mechanism, as previously noted by the company. This suggests that the Surface Pro 4 won't have any major improvements. It will ship with Windows 10 out of the box. ... more »

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