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Is it worth fixing your iPhone or can you make more money selling it broken? Flipsy.com has the answers!

Have a broken iPhone and unsure whether to fix it or sell it? Here, Flipsy.com lists the most common iPhone repairs along with estimated costs for repair shops and do-it-yourself repair. We also show you how to compare how much your iPhone is worth broken and repaired so you can decide whether to fix it or sell it. ... more »

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Is your SIM card worth anything? Flipsy.com investigates.

You know you can sell your old smartphone, but what about your SIM card? Is it worth anything? Does selling your SIM card present security risks? Flipsy.com has the answers!

Can you sell your SIM card?

The short answer is yes, you can sell your SIM card - but it's probably not worth the time and effort, except in certain circumstances. ... more »

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Want to sell your iPhone? How does Facebook and its new Marketplace compare to Craigslist, Amazon, carriers, and trade-in companies?

Thinking about selling your iPhone on Facebook? Before you do, you should consider your options - both on Facebook and on competing platforms like Craigslist, Amazon, carriers, and trade-in companies. Here, Flipsy.com compares your selling options on Facebook (including the new Marketplace) versus other outlets to help you get the best deal for your iPhone. ... more »

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Ready to sell your old phone and can't decide between carrier and online trade-in programs? Flipsy.com compares them to reveal which pays more, how they pay, and which is the most convenient so you can score the best deal for your used phone. ... more »

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Want to unload your old stuff and score extra cash with the Amazon Trade-In Program? We reviewed the program and discovered these 10 things you need to know about Amazon Trade-In. ... more »

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