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Are you locked into a cell phone contract with one of the major wireless carriers and want out? Unfortunately, carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile won't let you off the hook easily. This is especially true if you're locked in a standard two-year contract; these typically work by subsidizing the cost of your phone in exchange for your agreement to stay with the carrier for two years. If you want out, you're subject to an Early Termination Fee (ETF), which is essentially there to cover the cost of the phone the carrier subsidized at the beginning of your contract.

Still, if you really want to get out of your cell phone contract there are several ways to do it. The best method for you depends on your specific situation and how far you're willing to go to escape your current plan. The following examines different ways you can try to get out of your cell phone contract.
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HTC smartphones are notoriously difficult to repair, but that doesn't mean you can't open the back cover of your HTC One S. Here's how to do it.

  1. Turn off your HTC One S
  2. Hold the device in your palms, then use your thumbs to push up on the top cover panel. It will slide off
  3. Use a pry tool placed between the seam of the bottom cover panel and the phone frame to gently pry it off
  4. Remove the four small Phillips screws located near the four corners of the phone
  5. Remove the two T5 screws located near the top corners of the phone
  6. Use the pry tool placed between the seam of the remaining back cover panel and phone frame to gently pry it off

For a complete video tutorial on how to open the HTC One S back cover, watch this YouTube video for a visual experience that takes it a step further: replacing... more »

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The Google Nexus One is feature-rich and was considered to be one of the best smartphones on the market when it was originally released. Many have held on to their Google Nexus One phones; others have upgraded to more recent Nexus releases and opted to sell their Google Nexus One phones to buyback vendors and private buyers. Despite launching with advanced technology in 2010, time has caught up with the Google Nexus One and many users clamor for more memory as app and data storage becomes increasingly more crucial to smartphone use. Bring your smartphone into the modern era with the following, which details how to upgrade Google Nexus One memory.

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Remove the back cover
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Locate the micro SD card slot; if a card is present, remove it
  5. Identify the micro SD card's storage capacity; in ... more »

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    If your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a cracked screen, the best way to fix it is with a complete screen assembly replacement. Unfortunately, no special cover or formula exists to fuse your screen back together; however, with a little bit of tech savvy and the right tools you can fix a cracked screen on your Samsung Galaxy S3 in just a few minutes.

    What you'll need to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 replacement screen with mid-frame (the LCD/digitizer assembly, not just the front glass. You could replace just the front glass if you're exceptionally good at repairing smartphones, but for most people replacing the entire assembly is the easiest option)
    • Small Phillips screwdriver
    • Pry tool

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    Is your ESN, MEID, or IMEI blocked on your Verizon-issued smartphone? If so, you know how frustrating it is to have calling, texting, and data services disabled. The following offers step-by-step instructions detailing what you need to do if your ESN is blocked on Verizon.

    STEP 1: Why is your ESN blocked?

    Contact Verizon to find out why your ESN is blocked in the first place. It might be because your phone was previously reported lost or stolen; or, it might be because your phone's billing account is in arrears. Verizon will be able to confirm that your ESN is indeed blocked, and why.

    STEP 2: Ask Verizon to unblock your ESN

    If you previously reported your phone lost or stolen, then recovered it, you can ask Verizo... more »

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