Simple Fixes For Common Playstation 4 Problems  

Game console not working and want to know how to fix it? The tips below show you some easy fixes for some of the most common problems on the PlayStation 4 so you can get back to gaming quickly.

Easy fixes for common PlayStation 4 (PS4) problems

Problem: PS4 turning off

If your PlayStation 4 turns off during game play, will not turn on, or blinks a blue or red light, you might be able to solve the problem with one of the following easy fixes.


Make sure your HDMI cable is good by trying a new cable
Make sure your PS4 isn't overheating by powering it off and letting it cool for two hours; then, place it on a hard surface (no carpets) with plenty of space around it for ventilation

Problem: PS4 audio/video not working

If your PS4 seems to be operating correctly but you do not get any audio or video, try these fixes.


Double-check that all video and audio cables are properly connected
Swap out your HDMI cable to see if it's the culprit
Try hooking up your PS4 to a different TV; if it works, you can browse to SETTINGS, then SOUND AND SCREEN and selecting the proper television settings for the TV you want to use

Problem: PS4 freezes up

If your PS4 freezes up during game play, you risk losing data and game advancement. Fortunately, you can likely solve the problem with one of the following easy fixes.


Make sure your PS4 isn't overheating; even being confined to an entertainment center shelf can cause this. Power off your PS4 and let it cool for two hours, then place it on a flat surface (no carpets) in a well-ventilated location before playing again
Check for Sony software updates, which offer bug fixes and could solve your freezing issue

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As you've seen, a lot of common Playstation 4 problems can be fixed yourself. If these tips haven't solved your problem, or your problem isn't here, keep searching, your solution maybe online. Also contact official support teams for your PS4. Finally, if you're just fed up with your PS4 you can sell it for the highest price by quickly comparing buyback offers – even for broken PS4 consoles at