Nintendo 3DS XL - Release Date: Release, Specs, Rumors, and More 

Nintendo's 3DS XL is finally launching in the US on Febuary 13th. The more powerful, larger system includes a brighter screen with Super-Stable 3D display. This head tracking system can actively align the 3D display to your eyes, making it easier to focus on the screen while in a vehicle. Although it won't be coming with an AC charger, for those that already have a charger from their older systems it won't be a big deal.

Launch Date
Launch Febuary 13th, 2015

Release Date
After Febuary 13th, 2015

Device Name
Nintendo DS XL

Likely Specs
Super-Stable 3D display
Second joypad controller
Top-mounted ZL and ZR buttons
NFC connectivity for Amiibo support.

Leaked pics and source

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