Quick Fixes For Wii U Console Problems 

Do you know what to do if your favorite video game console stops working? The following reveals easy fixes for some of the most common problems on the Nintendo Wii U, so you can get back to gaming ASAP.

Easy fixes for common Wii U problems

Problem: Wii U freezes up

Nothing is more frustrating than when a game freezes up just as you've advanced to the next level. Prevent that from ever happening again with these tips.


Make sure you have downloaded and installed all Wii U software updates
Check to ensure your Wii U isn't overheating by letting it cool for two hours, then placing in on a hard surface (no carpets) in a well-ventilated area. Even entertainment center shelves can cause overheating
Try unplugging all wires from your Wii U for two minutes, then plugging them back in and rebooting

Problem: Wii U Gamepad not working

If your Wii U Gamepad isn't working or if it's not responding accurately to your prompts, try the following easy fixes.


Make sure all Wii U updates have been downloaded and installed
Move closer to the sensor
Remove any objects that could interfere with the sensor
Recalibrate your Wii U Gamepad and double-check Gamepad settings

Problem: Can't connect Wii U to the Internet or get booted off the Internet during game play

If your Wii U can't get online, the following fixes will work most of the time.


Move your router closer to your Wii U, even into the same room
Turn off the firewall on your router, which can prevent Internet connectivity and boot you from shared online game sessions
Reset your Wii U by turning it off and unplugging all wires for two minutes, then reconnecting the wires and rebooting the Wii U
Reset your router by unplugging it for two minutes, then plugging it back in

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As you can see, many common video game console problems can be easily fixed. If these tips don't solve your problem, or your problem isn't listed, keep searching: most likely someone has tackled the same issue and posted the solution online. You can also contact official support teams for your video game console. Finally, if you're just fed up with your video game console you can sell it for the best price by instantly comparing trade-in and buyback offers – even for broken video game consoles – at Flipsy.com.