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Meet Save Gadget: Our Latest Trust Verified Store!

Save Gadget has recently been named a Flipsy Trust Verified Store. Here’s what makes Save Gadget a great place to sell your used devices

We’re happy to welcome Save Gadget to Flipsy! Save Gadget has earned our Trust Verified Store designation and is now included alongside all stores we search to find the highest payouts for your used phones, smartwatches, consoles and other devices.

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Like all Flipsy Trust Verified Stores, we’ve thoroughly vetted Save Gadget to ensure they:

  • Offer quick payouts sent within 1 to 3 days after they receive your device
  • Have excellent and recent reviews from independent sources
  • Respond to questions within 1 business day

Based in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Save Gadget buys iPhones plus Samsung, LG, Google and OnePlus phones in any condition, including damaged or broken. They’ll even accept phones that are blacklisted or have a bad IMEI.

In addition to phones, Save Gadget also buys iPads, iPods, Apple Watches and MacBooks plus PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox gaming consoles.

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Save Gadget typically issues payouts within 1 to 2 days after they receive and inspect your device. Payment options include PayPal, Venmo or check.

Shipping is 100% free: once you complete your sale, Save Gadget will send a free prepaid USPS shipping label. If you don’t have a printer, contact Save Gadget and they’ll mail the label to you.

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Here are some additional details about Save Gadget:

  • Offers 14-day price locks
  • Also buys devices in bulk
  • Wipes device data at their facility
  • You do not need to send in accessories, cases, cables or SIM cards. If you do, Save Gadget will recycle them
  • If Save Gadget grades your device in a different condition than you stated, they’ll send a revised offer. Reject the revised offer, and they’ll send your gadgets back free of charge. If you do not respond to the revised offer, they’ll issue payment after 3 days

Now, you can compare how much Save Gadget will pay for your used devices on Flipsy, where Trust Verified Stores compete to pay top dollar.

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