How To Repair A Broken HTC One Power Button

If your HTC One power button breaks, you're cut off from connectivity to your friends, family, and business contacts – not to mention your favorite apps and games. Fortunately, you can repair your broken HTC One (M8) power button yourself by following the step-by-step instructions listed below.

What you need:

small screwdriver
pry tool
spudger tool
hair dryer
replacement HTC One (M8) power button

STEP 1: Use the hair dryer to heat the top plastic tab located in front of the phone and above the glass screen until you can get your pry tool (or guitar pick) underneath one of the tab's edges. Gently peel the plastic tab off as you heat.

STEP 2: Repeat the process for the plastic tab on the bottom of your phone.

STEP 3: Remove the 4 screws located beneath the tabs you just removed.

STEP 4: Use the pry tool to pry around the HTC One's side seam; move around the phone's perimeter until you are able to completely separate the front and rear assemblies.

STEP 5: Locate the power button assembly, which connects to the blue board at the top of the HTC One. Use the pry tool to disconnect the two power button flex cable connectors.

STEP 6: Replace the old power button assembly with a new power button assembly and connect the flex cable connectors.

STEP 7: Reassemble your HTC One by following these steps in reverse.

The HTC One is notoriously difficult to work with; however, accessing the power button assembly is relatively easy. Watch this YouTube video for a visual reference to tearing down the HTC One (M8).



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