Now You Can Sell Your Apple Watch with Flipsy

You know helps you get top dollar for used phones and tablets. Now, we’re here to help you get more cash for your Apple Watch, too!

It’s super easy to sell your Apple Watch with, and the payouts are fantastic: you can get up to $220 for an Apple Watch Series 3 Steel Cellular, up to $212 for a Series 2 Hermes, and up to $187 for a Series 3 Nike Cellular or GPS.

You can even cash in on older models like the Series 1 Aluminum Sport (up to $76) and the Series 0 Steel (up to $88).

Of course, you’ll enjoy the same simple selling experience you’ve come to expect from Flipsy’s Trust Verified Stores: free shipping, fast two-day payouts, and excellent customer service.

Ready to sell your Apple Watch? Let’s see how much it’s worth!

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