Multiple Phones to Sell? Bulk Phone Selling Options Compared

Have multiple used phones but not sure where to sell them? The four most important factors to consider are speed, convenience, trust, and payment. You want to enjoy a quick selling experience that gets you paid fast, a convenient process that minimizes the time and effort you need to put in to get paid, a trusted buyer you can count on to pay the agreed-upon price on time, and of course a fair payment for your phones.

This chart offers a ballpark idea for how much you can get when you sell multiple devices in bulk.

DeviceFlipsyCarriers (Verizon)Swappa (after fees)eBay (after fees)
iPhone 8$340$310$388$338
iPhone 7$207$175$203$195
Galaxy S8$220$190$242$194
Galaxy S6$90$80$97$69

Prices retrieved 12/4/2018. All base models in “good” condition on the Verizon network. Displayed Swappa & eBay prices are after fees. Swappa “lowest current” price. eBay “sell phone page” price.

Most carriers pay via store credit, so you can only use your payout to buy from them. Swappa and eBay payments are made via PayPal. Keep in mind fees can reduce your payouts. For example, Swappa charges fees on a sliding scale, and eBay charges 10% of the final value. You’ll also be subject to PayPal fees. With Flipsy Multiple Device Quote, you can get your choice of cash or store credit, including PayPal and check payments. There are no selling fees when you trade in to carriers or sell via Flipsy, plus your shipping will be free.

Speed of Payment
Flipsy, eBay, and Swappa all pay within 2-3 days of receipt, while carriers can take up to 3 billing cycles to pay.

Swappa and eBay require detailed listings for each individual phone you have to sell, which takes time and effort. If your phones sell, you’ll need to ship each one individually – and you’ll need to deal with each independent buyer, potential returns, and multiple payouts. You don’t need to create listings when you trade in with carriers; however, you will need to go through the quote process for each unique phone, which can prove tedious.

With Flipsy Multiple Device Quote, you make a single request. Your device list is sent to multiple stores, which compete to pay more for your phones. The stores do the work for you, and you can see the best combined offer (what you’d get if you sold to different stores depending on which is paying the most for each individual phone) and the best single store offer (the highest price any one store will pay for all your phones). If you choose the best single store offer, you’ll only have one request, one shipment, and one payment – which can save four hours of work or more.

Trust plays a major role in deciding where to sell your used phones. Flipsy stores are Trust Verified, which means they’re vetted to ensure quick payouts and that they have a history of positive third-party reviews. Carriers often have local stores, so if there is an issue you can speak with someone face-to-face.

eBay and Swappa tend to side with buyers when it comes to disputes. Buyers can falsely claim they never received the merchandise or dispute the condition the items are in and demand a refund or lower price.

When you have multiple phones to sell, convenience and speed can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction.

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