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Sprint Trade-In Program: Fast Money or Bad Deal?

Is the Sprint trade-in program a good deal, or should you look for other smartphone buyback options? We investigate!

How does Sprint’s trade-in program stack up to other trade-in options? Let’s take a look!

Is the Sprint trade-in program a good deal?

Let’s compare how much Sprint will pay for some popular phones versus trade-in offers found on Flipsy.com (as of 05/23/2022).

iPhone 13 128GB Verizon$400$541
iPhone 12 64GB Verizon$320$370
iPhone 11 64GB Verizon$175$273
iPhone SE 2 (2021) 64GB Verizon$80$150
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Verizon 128GB)$375$670
iPhone 12 Pro (T-Mobile 512GB)$410$595
iPhone 12 (Unlocked 128GB)$330$415
iPhone 12 Mini (Sprint 64GB)$255$287
iPhone SE 2 (AT&T 64GB)$80$132
iPhone 11 Pro Max (T-Mobile 256GB)$355$411
iPhone 11 Pro Max (Verizon 64GB)$330$430
iPhone 11 (Sprint 64GB)$175$256
iPhone XS Max (Verizon 64GB)$185$255
iPhone XS (Verizon 64GB)$120$181
iPhone XR (Verizon 64GB)$115$176
iPhone X (Verizon 64GB)$110$190
iPhone 8 Plus (Verizon 64GB)$75$163
iPhone 8 (Verizon 64GB)$65$101
Galaxy Z Fold 3 VerizonN/A$620
Galaxy Z Fold 2 Verizon$350$530
Galaxy Note 20 Verizon$275$370
Galaxy Z Flip 3 Verizon$300$310
Galaxy Z Flip 2/5G VerizonN/AN/A
Galaxy S20 Verizon$185$260
Galaxy Note 10 Verizon$120$225
Galaxy S10 128GB Verizon$85$152
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G ( Verizon128GB)$280$270
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G (AT&T)$275$370
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G (Unlocked)$145$280
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G (Sprint)$225$272
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (T-Mobile)$185$260
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 5G (Verizon 512GB)$155$305
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus (Sprint 256GB)$145$210
Samsung Galaxy S10 AT&T (Unlocked 128GB)$85$155
Galaxy S9 Plus (Verizon 64GB)$30$96
Galaxy S9 (Verizon 64GB)$30$77
Galaxy Note 8 (Verizon 64GB)$30$88
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As you can see, Sprint is not the highest-paying buyback option. In fact, we found that Sprint paid an average of 45% less than Flipsy vendors for the models compared.

Another important consideration: Sprint only pays in store credit, applied to your bill within four weeks. Thus, you must wait to get your credit and you must be a Sprint customer to spend it.

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How the Sprint trade-in program works

Start by visiting the Sprint Buyback page, then:

  1. Search or browse for your phone
  2. Answer a few questions about your phone and its condition, and Sprint will present an offer
  3. Accept the offer, and Sprint will email you a prepaid shipping label along with packaging and shipping instructions
  4. Once Sprint receives your phone and verifies its condition, credit will be applied to your account within four weeks
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