How to Replace Your LG G2 Battery

If your LG G2 battery goes bad, you'll need to replace it in order to continue using your phone. Fortunately, replacing your LG G2 battery isn't difficult, though it does require a little bit of patience. The following details how to replace your LG G2 battery, step-by-step.

How to change your LG G2 battery

1. Use a straightened paper clip to remove the SIM card tray (locate the tray on the side of your phone, then use the paper clip to push in the small hole next to it – the tray will pop out, so you can pull it the rest of the way for removal)

2. Use a PRY TOOL to remove the back cover from your LG G2. Starting at the SIM card tray slot, gently pull the back case away from the device so you can fit your pry tool in the seam. Then, slide the pry tool to the left to continue back cover removal

3. Continue sliding the pry tool around the phone until you can completely remove the back cover

4. You will see the battery in its compartment; gently peel the tape holding it in place off the battery (but be careful to save the tape), then lift the battery out of the compartment

5. Place your new battery in the compartment (be sure to align contacts) and reapply the tape

6. Snap the back cover back on and insert your SIM card tray

Note that you can get pry tools for around $5 from most online electronics retailers as well as sites such as Ebay.

For visual reference, watch this YouTube video on how to remove your LG G2 back cover so you can replace the battery.



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