Verizon Phone Insurance: What It Covers, What It Doesn’t

Does Verizon insurance cover water damage? Cracked screens? Lost phones? Find out what Verizon phone insurance covers – and what it doesn’t – plus get tips for how to deal with a lost phone.

Verizon insurance coverage options compared

Verizon offers multiple insurance tiers, and coverage depends on which tier you select.

Extended Warranty

Verizon’s Extended Warranty covers manufacturing defects after the original warranty expires. It does not cover batteries and accessories or lost, stolen or damaged phones. The plan costs $3/month and there is no deductible or maximum number of claims.

Wireless Phone Protection

Wireless Phone Protection covers lost, stolen and damaged phones, including cracked screens and water damage. It does not cover manufacturing defects after the original warranty expires. Read the fine print, and you’ll see the plan also doesn’t cover defects or damage from normal wear and tear or misuse, accidents or neglect, phones that have been altered or modified, phones with removed labels or illegible serial numbers, or damage due to spills or immersion in food or liquids.

The plan is limited to 3 phone replacements or repairs in a 12-month period. Deductibles vary by model, from $19 for basic phones to $199 for recent flagships. The cracked screen repair deductible is $29. Pricing is $3/month for basic phones and $6.75/month for smartphones.

Total Equipment Coverage

Total Equipment Coverage combines Wireless Phone Protection with an Extended Warranty, so it covers lost, stolen and damaged phones plus manufacturing defects after the original warranty expires. Coverage limitations are the same as the Wireless Phone Protection plan. Deductibles range from $19 to $199 (and $29 for cracked screens). Likewise, you can have up to 3 replacements or repairs in a 12-month period. The cost is $5/month for basic phones and $9/month for smartphones.

Total Mobile Protection

Total Mobile Protection is the same as Total Equipment Coverage with an additional benefit: access to a Verizon Tech Coach. Pricing is $10/month for basic phones and $13/month for smartphones and iPhones.

If you have multiple phones on the same plan, you can opt for Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device. The cost is $39/month for up to 3 lines. Additional lines are $9/month each. Other than price, the primary difference is you can have 9 shared claims in a 12-month period (add 3 claims per additional line). Verizon also offers a business tier for the same price, but it reduces the maximum number of claims to 6 per 12-month period and increases the deductible range to $19 to $249.

What to do if your phone is lost

Lost your phone? Here’s what you can do.

Call your phone

If you misplaced your phone at home, work or a friend’s house, a quick call might locate it. Phone on silent? You might still hear it vibrate.

Find your phone on a map, play a sound, track it, lock it or erase it

If you have an iPhone, use Find My iPhone to locate it on a map or play a sound to help you find it. You can also turn on Lost Mode, which remotely locks your iPhone and tracks its location. It also displays a custom message and phone number so anyone who finds it can contact you. Lost Mode disables Apple Pay. If you fear your iPhone has been stolen, you can remotely erase its data.

If you have an Android phone, use Find My Device (or search Google for “where’s my phone”). Google will show your phone’s location on a map. From there, you can ring your phone for 5 minutes – even if it’s on silent mode. You’ll also have options to lock your phone, display a lock screen message with a phone number, sign out of your Google account and remotely erase your data.

Other options with similar features include Samsung Find My Mobile and T-Mobile Lookout Mobile Security.

Protect your accounts

Remotely log out of accounts you use on your phone, including cloud storage and email clients. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to log out remotely, and you can visit Google’s recently used devices page to log your phone out of Google services.

If you use your phone for banking, it’s a good idea to contact your bank and credit card companies to find out how to remotely log out of their apps and to let them know your phone is missing in the event of unrecognized charges.

Protect yourself

If someone finds your phone and contacts you, never give out personal information like your address. Instead, arrange to meet the person in a busy, well-lit public area and take a friend along for security. Even better, meet at your local police station.

Report your phone lost

Contact your carrier and report your phone lost. They can suspend service and/or add your IMEI to the blacklist so it can’t be activated on other networks (if you find it later, you can still sell a blacklisted phone).

Make an insurance claim and get a replacement phone

Phone lost for good? Stolen? If you have the right coverage, you can make an insurance claim to get a replacement. Make Verizon insurance claims on Asurion’s website.

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