LG G3 Charging Port Repair Guide (with Video) shows you how to fix a broken LG G3 charging port

LG G3 not charging? The good news is you can repair or replace it yourself with this DIY guide. The following presents step-by-step instructions and video tutorial for fixing or replacing your LG G3 charging port.

Check the charger

First, make sure the charger isn’t the problem by using it to charge another device or by trying to charge your LG G3 with another charger that’s known to be working.

Clean the charging port

If the charger isn’t the culprit, make sure your LG G3 charging port is clear of debris that can prevent a solid connection with your charger. You can do this by blowing compressed air into the port, using a cotton swab to clear dust, or applying double-sided tape to a needle to pull out any debris.

Make sure it’s not the battery

If you’re certain the charging port is clear, try a replacement LG G3 battery to make sure yours isn’t the problem. If you don’t have a replacement battery you can skip this step; however, a new charging port won’t fix a permanently-dead battery. It can be worth ordering both a replacement battery and charging port and returning the part you don’t need.

Do-it-yourself LG G3 charging port replacement

Once you’ve determined the charging port to be the issue, you can replace it yourself with these DIY instructions; however, note that the charging port is soldered onto the motherboard itself.

It’s easiest to replace the entire motherboard rather than attempt to micro-solder a new charging port, but motherboards are difficult to find and expensive (LG G3 motherboards can be found on Ebay for between $125 and $200 – if you go this route be sure to backup your device, if possible, to minimize the potential for data loss).

If you choose to replace just the charging port, you’ll need advanced soldering tools and skills not covered in this guide.

What you need:
Small Phillips screwdriver
Pry tool
Replacement LG G3 charging port or motherboard

STEP 1: Remove the back cover, battery, SIM card, and microSD card.

STEP 2: Remove the eleven screws around the perimeter of the housing and the two screws located near the camera.

STEP 3: Use the pry tool to remove the back housing.

STEP 4: Use the pry tool to remove the four ribbon cables connecting the motherboard to the housing.

STEP 5: You can now remove the motherboard completely.

STEP 6: Replace the charging port or entire motherboard, then follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble your LG G3.

For a visual guide to tearing down your LG G3 so you can access the motherboard and charging port, watch this video:

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