Need to Know What Samsung Tablet You Have? A Quick Guide to Identify Your Model (with Video) shows you the easy way to find your Samsung tablet model number.

Do you need to find the model number of your Samsung tablet so you can sell it? It’s the best way to ensure you’re accurately representing which tablet you’re selling so you can get a fair price. Here’s how to identify your Samsung tablet model number.

Method 1: Look on the back

Most Samsung tablets have the model number clearly printed on the back case, toward the bottom. You’ll need to remove any third-party protective cases to see it.

If you have a Nexus tab, you might have to remove the panel around the camera to see the model number. Use a pry tool to remove the panel, as shown in this video:

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Method 2: Via the settings menu

You can also use the settings menu to discover what Samsung tablet you have. Here’s how:

  • Your model number will be listed

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