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Where to Get the Most for Your PlayStation

PS5 sales could eclipse those of the PS4, as Sony anticipates selling 7.6 million units during its launch and aims to sell more than 100 million units over the console’s lifetime. That means millions of gamers will sell their old PlayStation consoles to help offset the PS5’s $399 to $499 price tag.

Resale and trade-in offers for PlayStation consoles

PlayStation Console Brick and Mortar
(GameStop, Target, Best Buy)
Flipsy eBay (after fees)
PS4 Pro 1TB $175 $140 $190
PS4 Pro 2TB $139 $153 $233
PS4 Slim 500GB $104 $90 $165
PS4 Slim 1TB $112 $100 $177
PS4 500GB $80 $91 $156
PS4 1TB $112 $100 $175
PS3 160GB $9 $55 $69
PS3 Super Slim 250GB $9 $25 $89
PS3 Super Slim 500GB $9 $30 $94
PS3 Slim 320GB $9 $26 $89
PS3 Slim 250GB $9 $23 $90
PlayStation Vita $23 $45 $75
* Prices retrieved 11/10/2020. Values for PlayStation consoles in “good” condition. Brick and mortar store highest cash offers. eBay average recently sold values, less standard eBay & PayPal fees

Many will turn to local stores like GameStop and Best Buy, but there’s no guarantee those stores will buy old PlayStations or that there’s a store within driving distance: neither GameStop nor Best Buy will buy PS3s, and GameStop has closed more than 600 locations over the past two years.

In addition, many are reticent to shop at brick and mortar stores during the pandemic, evidenced by the 14% YOY decrease in retail store foot traffic and 44.5% increase in ecommerce sales.

The good news is people have online options that not only buy most PlayStation consoles, but often pay more than local stores. One popular choice is eBay, which can repay patience with good payouts. Another is our free service, Flipsy, which offers instant and guaranteed sales.

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