Video Game Console Trade-In & Buyback: Flipsy VS Gamestop, Best Buy, and Other Brick-and-Mortar Stores 

Who pays the most money for your used video game consoles, Flipsy or brick-and-mortar stores such as Gamestop and Best Buy?

If you’re a gamer (or used to be a gamer in a former life), you almost certainly have an old video game console or two lying around. Rather than let them collect dust, you can sell your used gaming consoles for cash. Gamestop, Best Buy, and other local brick-and-mortar stores offer trade-in value, but do they pay the most money for video game consoles? Whether you’re on a quest to fund your purchase of the latest and greatest game console or just want to cash in for a few extra bucks, the following demonstrates why it literally pays to check Flipsy first.

What is Flipsy?

Unlike other companies, Flipsy doesn’t buy video game consoles directly. Instead, the free service compares buyback and trade-in offers from dozens of the web’s leading console buyers so you can see who is paying the most for your used gaming consoles. Simply follow the prompts to select your console model, and Flipsy displays all offers on a single page so you can instantly compare real-time prices. Select the highest-paying offer, then Flipsy connects you with the buyer to complete your transaction and get paid.

Flipsy is both free and convenient (you never have to leave your computer or mobile device); in addition to helping you sell your game consoles for the highest prices, Flipsy:

• Displays whether offers are paid in cash or store credit
• Displays shipping costs (nearly always free to buyers)
• Displays private market values, so you know how much your game consoles are worth if you sell to private buyers
• Allows you to set your price and be instantly notified when a buyback offer meets or exceeds it
• Offers convenient free shipping; buyers supply prepaid shipping labels and, in some cases, complete shipping kits for your game consoles

With Flipsy, there’s no reason to visit multiple stores to see who pays the most for your old game consoles; you can compare all prices in one place on the world’s most comprehensive buyback search engine.

Who pays the most for used game consoles?

The bottom line, of course, is how you can get the most money for your used gaming systems. Local brick-and-mortar stores have more overhead than online-based businesses, and tend to pay less; moreover, larger chains often pay only in store credit, so you have to spend your take with them. They’re not as convenient as Flipsy, either, but it’s probably fair to say you’re willing to drive across town and wait in line if you can get a better deal. Let’s see how brick-and-mortar stores stack up to Flipsy.

Video game console buyback & trade-in offers

The offers listed below were retrieved May 14, 2015; the highest cash and trade-in offers are in bold.

Microsoft Xbox One (500GB, no Kinect)
• Flipsy vendor (cash): $150
• Flipsy vendor (trade-in): $180
• Gamestop (cash): $140
• Gamestop (trade-in): $175
• Best Buy (trade-in): $141

Microsoft Xbox 360 (4GB)
• Flipsy vendor (trade-in): $43.20
• Gamestop (cash): $28
• Gamestop (trade-in): $35
• Best Buy (trade-in): $26

Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB)
• Flipsy vendor (cash): $25
• Flipsy vendor (trade-in): $92.61
• Gamestop (cash): $36
• Gamestop (trade-in): $45
• Best Buy (trade-in): $0

Wii U
• Flipsy vendor (trade-in): $149.02
• Gamestop (cash): $104
• Gamestop (trade-in): $130
• Best Buy (trade-in): $48

These prices compare identical products; however, Flipsy vendors purchase many more gaming consoles you could also sell to local dealers and pawn shops. According to Pawn Nerd, most pawn shops will pay around $40 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and around $10 for PS2, PSP, Wii, and Xbox. Here’s what Flipsy vendors will pay for additional gaming consoles (or view all models):

• Xbox 360 Slim Halo 4: $59.77
• N64: $5
• GameCube: $2
• GameCube Platinum: $4.50
• DS Lite: $12
• DSi XL: $100
• Wii Limited Blue Edition: $81
• 3DS Aqua Blue: $55
• 2DS: $43
• PS2 Slim: $18
• PSP: $25
• SEGA Saturn: $4
• SEGA Dreamcast: $6

As you can see, in every case Flipsy vendors offer more value for your used game consoles than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Save yourself the drive, skip the lines, and make more money selling your old consoles by checking Flipsy first.