HTC Smartphones: How to Determine the Make, Model, Version and Carrier (Video) 

Want to know the finer details of your HTC smartphone? Here's how to find them.

If want to sell your HTC smartphone chances are the buyer will want to know the make, model, version, and carrier. Here's how to find them via the settings menu.
  1. Browse to SETTINGS > ABOUT (or ABOUT PHONE)
  2. HTC is the make of your smartphone, and you'll find your model number listed under PHONE IDENTITY
  3. Select SOFTWARE INFORMATION to see which version you have
  4. To see your carrier, select NETWORK

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Here are some examples of what you'll see:

Phone identity (make)
  • HTC One

Model number
  • HTC6535LVW

Android version (the version number of your operating system)
  • 5.0

Baseband version (the version number of your HTC software)
  • 2.11.502.18

NETWORK (carrier)
  • Verizon Wireless