Flipsy Marketplace Buyer FAQ

How does the Flipsy Marketplace work?
The Flipsy Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell used books in a safe, trusted environment.

Who can use the Flipsy Marketplace?
Anyone! If you have used books to sell(more products coming soon), you can list them for sale in the Flipsy Marketplace. If you want to buy used books at good prices, you can buy them on the Flipsy Marketplace. Note that the Flipsy Marketplace is currently available only to those in the United States.

How can I buy books in the Flipsy Marketplace?
Simply search by the books ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and youll be presented with all matching books for sale. Find the book(s) you want, then checkout to complete your transaction.

What is an ISBN?
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Its a unique identification number assigned to books, and its typically located near the barcode on the book's rear cover.

What if I have a question about a book?
The Flipsy Marketplace makes it easy to directly ask sellers for more information, and sellers are expected to promptly respond.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Flipsy accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Flipsy uses Braintree Payments for payment processing and credit card security. Braintree has a solid commitment to security and uses systems that exceed industry standards.

Are transactions secure?
Yes! Flipsy stores no payment information. Braintree Payments handles all payment information storage. Braintree payment processes exceed industry standards.

When will I receive my books?
Orders are shipped within one business day. Depending on the seller you will have the options for Standard (4 to 14 days) or Expedited (2 to 7 days) shipping. Depending on the shipping method and the date the seller ships your books, you'll receive them between 2 and 15 days from checkout.

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order any time before it is shipped. A refund will be issued within one business day. Once shipped, your order cannot be cancelled but you can still return it for a refund.

Can I return my order?
You can return your order for any reason within 14 days of receipt. A refund will be issued within three business days.

How do I return my order?
Once you have intiated a return through the Flipsy Admin area you will receive an email with the return shipping address. Pack your book(s) in a box and mail to the return address. You are responsible for return shipping fees. You should also consider adding tracking to your shipment to insure it is received.

Who pays for shipping?
The seller pays for shipping to the buyer. Buyers are responsible for any shipping fees associated with returns.

Are there any fees for buying in the Flipsy Marketplace?
Buyers pay no fees other than the cost of the item and any applicable sales tax. If you return an item, you are responsible for the return shipping fee.

Help! I still have questions!
No problem! Simply contact Flipsy.com and we'll be happy to help!

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