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Flip More Phones, Earn More Money

We send local sellers to you

Thousands of people use Flipsy to find buyers for their phones every single day. Many of them would rather sell to a local buyer and get same-day cash. We connect you with people who are selling phones in your area so you can buy more phones, then resell them for profit.

Big margins!

With Flipsy, you get pre-qualified sellers who have already accepted your offer, so you won't waste time on people who have unreasonable expectations. Local sellers will accept significantly lower offers for fast cash, significantly increasing your margins.

Why join Flipsy Local?

Instantly deliver your custom offers to thousands of local phone sellers who are actively seeking a buyer
Offer same-day cash to outcompete carriers and buyback companies - no more losing revenue to online stores
Buy more phones, sell more phones & make more money

Here's how it works:

Create your Flipsy Local profile
Choose which phones you want to buy
When local sellers compare prices on Flipsy, they'll see your offers first. Many will contact you to complete the sale!

The easy way to flip phones for profit

With Flipsy Local, there's no need to spend time posting ads or deal with Craigslist-like hassles. The entire system is automated, and we send sellers directly to you!

You have complete control over pricing

Select one of three ways to display your offers:

  • A pre-set, automatically calculated percentage above or below Flipsy's prices
  • Custom text that directs sellers to call, text or email you for the latest price
  • A custom feed of your prices for each phone

Here's what others have to say about Flipsy

"Easy to use, gave multiple accurate offers from buyback sites I was not aware of."
- Walter, TX
"Great... Found the best price using Flipsy to identify a site I didn't know about."
- Kate, NC
"Fast and easy to get quotes from various sites. Saved me a lot of time from searching each site... and I found a higher price than I was able to on my own."
- Kelli C., NE
"Flipsy can scan the marketplace and tell you where you will get the best price for your phone."
- ABC News
"Well organized layout that allowed me to quickly identify the best buyer without hassle."
- Neal, NJ

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Whether you resell phones from a physical store or you meet sellers on location, Flipsy Local is the only tool that delivers local sellers directly to you. Get started today!

How does Flipsy Local help me make more money?

Flipsy Local makes it easy to compete with carrier trade-in and online buyback stores. Thousands of people use Flipsy every single day, and many would rather sell locally to get same-day cash and avoid shipping. In fact, they'll often take considerably less for the convenience of a local sale, which maximizes your profit margins. We connect you with people who are selling phones in your area so you can buy more phones, then resell them at attractive profit margins.

How do local phone sellers find my store on Flipsy?

When local sellers use Flipsy to compare buyback prices, they'll see your store before online buyback store prices. Then, they can click a button to contact you and set up a time and location to complete your transaction.

How many zip codes will my Flipsy Local ad display in?

Your store will display in every zip code you input on your profile page. You have complete control over the areas you wish to buy phones from.

Do I need to own a physical storefront to take advantage of Flipsy Local?

Nope. Flipsy Local is available to both brick-and-mortar stores and meetup stores/individuals who meet sellers in person.

Can I control how much I'll pay for any phone?

Yes! You have complete control over your pricing and can set it in one of three ways:
A pre-set, automatically calculated dollar value or percentage above or below online offers. For example, if the best offer for a given phone is $500 and you've elected to offer 10% below that price, your offer will be displayed as $450
Custom contact text. If you don't want to display your prices, we can simply direct sellers to contact you via phone, text or email
A custom feed of prices for each individual phone. Contact us to upload your feed, and we'll display custom prices for each device, capacity, carrier and condition

Do my offers need to match or beat offers from online buyback stores?

Absolutely not. In fact, many sellers will take considerably less when they can sell locally because they get same-day cash and avoid the need to ship their devices, which enables you to enjoy significant profit margins!

How much does it cost, when am I billed and which payment methods do you accept?

Your first 30 days with Flipsy are free! After the initial 30 days, you'll be billed monthly through PayPal. The cost is dependent on your region.

Can I use Flipsy to resell phones, too?

Of course! Many of our resellers use Flipsy to buy phones at low prices, then instantly turn around and resell them for a profit. It's a great way to move inventory fast and avoid the hassles of eBay, Craigslist, Swappa and other sales channels.

What if I decide to cancel? Is there a contract?

Flipsy Local does not require a contract and you can cancel at any time.

I have more questions. Do you offer support?

Of course! We're here to help you grow your phone reselling business. Feel free to reach out with questions at any time. Contact us here.

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