Flipsy Marketplace Seller FAQ

How does the Flipsy Marketplace work?
The Flipsy Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell used books (more products coming soon) in a safe, trusted environment.

Who can use the Flipsy Marketplace?
Anyone! If you have used books (more products coming soon) to sell, you can list them on the Flipsy Marketplace. If you want to buy used books at good prices, you can buy them on the Flipsy Marketplace. Note that the Flipsy Marketplace is currently available only to those in the United States.

How do I list my books for sale on the Flipsy Marketplace?
Simply visit our listing page and enter your books ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a unique identifying number typically found near the book's rear cover barcode. Select a condition, enter a description and images, and then set your price and shipping options. Thats all there is to it!

How do I know when my items have sold?
You will be notified via email when your items have sold. You should also check your listings daily to ensure you havent missed a sold item notification.

What is the suggested price, and why should I use it?
The suggested price is generated by Flipsys powerful price valuation service, which constantly monitors real-time market transactions to deliver accurate values for books, devices, and other items. Because its purely driven by market conditions, the suggested price offers a fair valuation that increases the chances of a quick sale.

Do I have to use the suggested price?
No, but setting a higher price could mean your books wont sell. Conversely, setting a lower price might result in a quicker sale but you wont make as much money for your books. The suggested price is optimized for fast, quick sales based on current market trends.

Why do I have to give you my credit card number to sell?
We use your credit card number to verify your identity. We may also use your card if your payment has been sent to you and the buyer decides to return the item. Unfortunately, the prevalence of online scams means we must be proactive in verifying identities in order to protect both buyers and sellers.

When do I get paid?
Payments are released 7 to 14 days from the sales date.

How do I get paid?
Payments are disbursed via Venmo OR directly deposited in your bank account. If you provide your bank account information we will send payment to your bank account. If you do not provide your bank account information the money will be distributed through the online payment service Venmo. Flipsy uses Braintree payment processing to handle all transactions. Braintree employs security measures that exceed industry standards. You can add your bank account information here

How soon do I have to ship sold items?
You must ship sold items within one business day of the sale.

Who pays for shipping?
The seller pays for shipping. When setting your item's price, we recommend adding your shipping fees to the suggested price in order to offer buyers free shipping.

How should I ship sold books, and how much does shipping cost?
The preferred shipping method is USPS Media Mail, which starts at $2.69 for a one-pound package and totals around $5 for a five-pound package.

Other acceptable shipping methods include:

  • Priority envelopes (around $5.75)
  • Medium Priority Flat Rate box (around $12.65)
  • Priority Mail Express (around $19.99 for envelopes, up to $45 for medium-sized boxes)
These options include USPS tracking and allow you to purchase additional services such as insurance (usually just a few dollars) and delivery confirmation (around $4.40).

Ultimately, its up to you to select the best shipping method for your items and to decide whether to include or separate the cost of shipping in your sale price. Learn more about USPS shipping.

What if my items sell somewhere else?
You must immediately delete your Flipsy Marketplace listing if it sells elsewhere. Be a good seller and do not let people down by leaving your listing up and letting excited people think it is still available.

How do I cancel a listing?
Under Manage Orders in the Flipsy admin area you can cancel your order.

What if my listing sells but is no longer available?
Immediately cancel the order by logging into the Flipsy admin area and going to Manage Orders. Please provide an explanation to the buyer in your cancellation notification Flipsy will handle issuing the refund to the buyer.

What happens if a buyer requests a refund or return?
Buyers can request a refund any time before you ship sold items; if you have already shipped your items, buyers have 14 days to return sold items. If an item is returned, you must issue a refund upon receiving it. The buyer is responsible for return shipping fees.

Where can I find the Flipsy Merchant Service Agreement?
You can find the Merchant Service Agreement here.

What is the Flipsy Marketplace sales fee?
The Flipsy Marketplace is 14% of the sale price, including shipping. It is automatically deducted from the buyers payment before your payment is released.

Are there any fees to sell on the Flipsy Marketplace?
Its free to list your books on the Flipsy Marketplace. Once an item sells, you will be charged a 14% sales fee, deducted from the buyers payment before your funds are released via your preferred payment method.

Do I need to charge sales tax?
Typically you do not need to charge sales tax for out-of-state sales. For in-state sales, youll have to check with your Secretary of State to determine sales tax rules. If you do need to charge sales tax, you can add it to your sales price.

When does my listing expire?
Your listing expires once it sells or you delete it from the Flipsy Marketplace.

Do you have any photo guidelines?
Photos can make your listings more attractive and also help verify the condition of your items. Images should be larger than 500px on their longest side, and must be less than 5MB total.

Help! I still have questions!
No problem! Simply contact Flipsy.com and we'll be happy to help!

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