Meet Buyback Surgeon: Our Latest Trust Verified Store!

Buyback Surgeon has been named a Flipsy Trust Verified Store. Here’s why Buyback Surgeon is a great place to sell your phone, tablet, smartwatch or MacBook

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Buyback Surgeon to the list of Trust Verified Stores we instantly search to help you get the most money for your used devices.

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Like all other Flipsy Trust Verified Stores, we’ve vetted Buyback Surgeon to ensure they have:

  • Quick payouts sent 1 to 3 days after receiving your device
  • Outstanding and recent reviews from independent sources
  • Responsive customer service (within 1 business day)

Founded in 2019 and based in Pennsylvania, Buyback Surgeon buys iPhones as well as Samsung, Google and LG phones in any condition, including damaged and broken. The company also buys iPads, Apple Watches and MacBooks.

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Buyback Surgeon’s mission is to pay 100% of the value quoted for your device. Once you accept an offer, they’ll send a free printable USPS shipping label, and they guarantee they’ll issue your payment (via check or PayPal) the next business day after they receive your device.

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Here are some additional details about Buyback Surgeon:

  • Create an account to view the status of your order online
  • Buyback Surgeon has a 14-day price lock period
  • If your device arrives in a different condition than you stated during checkout, they’ll send a revised offer. If you reject the offer, they’ll send your device back for free
  • The company also buys devices in bulk

Now, you can compare how much Buyback Surgeon will pay for your phones and other devices on Flipsy, where Trust Verified Stores compete to pay top dollar.

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