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Flipsy offers a price history chart and a private party value, similar to Kelly Blue Book for cars.


Flipsy provides a useful online tool to help you figure out the value of your old device.

Computer World

Flipsy will show the offers from different buyback companies; take one of them or... set a realistic price when selling online.


Some sites, such as Flipsy, offer easy comparison of prices among several sites, some lesser-known.

Chicago Tribune

Spending precious time going from trade-in site to trade-in site is no longer necessary thanks to Flipsy.


We like Flipsy, a trade-in comparison site that will let you know where you'll get the most money for your item.

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Trust Verified Stores

Trust Verified Stores

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

30% More

30% More

1 to 3 Day Payouts

1 to 3 Day Payouts