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Sell an iPhone 14

Sell your iPhone 14 for the guaranteed best price. Get free shipping and a price lock that gives you 15 to 30 days to send it in. Oh yeah, payments are super fast, expect to be paid within 1-3 days of receipt of the item. Learn more: Flipsy Guarantee.

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When selling an iPhone 14, it pays to check your options. Flipsy Trust Verified stores often pay 30-50% more than carrier and in-store trade in options, plus you get cash not store credit!

We've compiled a list of FAQs that should answer any questions you have about your iPhone 14 and the process of selling it on Flipsy. That said, contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I verify my model is an iPhone 14?
  • How do I find the carrier for my iPhone 14
  • What carrier do I select if mine isn't listed on Flipsy?
  • What carrier do I select if I switched from my original iPhone 14 network?
  • How do I find the capacity of my iPhone 14?
  • How do I determine the condition of my iPhone 14?
  • What is my iPhone 14 worth?
  • Can I sell my iPhone 14 near me?
  • Can I sell my blacklisted iPhone 14?
  • Can I sell a locked iPhone 14?
  • Can I sell an iPhone 14 that is still financed?
  • Can I sell a cracked iPhone 14?
  • How do I wipe my personal data from my iPhone 14?
  • How do I know it’s safe to sell my iPhone 14 with Flipsy?
  • Why is Flipsy Trust Verification important?
  • What is the Flipsy Guarantee?

How to find the device details?

iPhone 14
iPhone 14
  1. Browse to SETTINGS


  3. ABOUT

  4. Scroll down to CAPACITY


The stated capacity will not perfectly match the total capacity. That's because iOS takes up space on the hard drive.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14
  1. Browse to SETTINGS


  3. ABOUT

  4. look next to Carrier

  • Sealed in original box
  • Has never been activated
  • Has all its original accessories
Like New
  • No cracks, scratches, dings or dents
  • No LCD or display defects
  • Working perfectly
  • No signs of wear
  • Signs of normal wear
  • Fully functional
  • No water damage
  • No major cosmetic damage
  • Signs of heavier wear
  • No operational issues
  • No chips or cracks in front or back glass
  • Cracked front or back glass
  • Non-working buttons, camera, mic, speaker
  • No Ghost Image
  • Parts or features that do not function as intended
  • Device is functional
  • Low battery life
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Stay & Lock In My Price Instead

Tip: Prices drop fast, so don't wait too long

Select lock type:

What condition is your item?
  • light use


  • Heavy use


  • Cracked screen



  • A device that is not fully paid off
  • Under finance / money still owed
  • IMEI status must be clean
  • Free from association with any iCloud, Find-My-iPhone account(s), or lock screen passcode
  • On a permanent "blacklist" either globally or by a carrier
  • Blacklisted and/or blocked for any reason
  • Unable to be used on a cellular network as a result of a blacklist/block and not a hardware malfunction
  • Free from association with any iCloud, Find-My-iPhone account(s), or lock screen passcode

Note: If your device is unable to move past the activation screen, please select "activation locked" as your status.

  • Any device that is unable to move past its activation screen
  • Any device that has a passcode lock on its lock screen
  • Any device with any iCloud or Find-My-iPhone account(s) associated with it
  • A device that has a "mobile device management" or "MDM" lock
  • "Demo" model devices
  • IMEI status does not matter
Trust Verified Stores

Trust Verified Stores

Free shipping

Free Shipping

30% higher payouts

30% More

1 to 3 day payouts

1 to 3 Day Payouts

The Flipsy Guarantee


Our Commitment

We make it easy to confidently sell your used stuff for the most money! When you sell through Flipsy, we guarantee you’ll enjoy:


Best Price

Trust Verified Stores compete to get you the highest payout. If you find a better price within 24 hours of completing your sale, we’ll match the price you find – plus beat it by $10!


Zero Risk

Risk nothing when you sell your device through Flipsy, guaranteed! All Flipsy Trust Verified Stores offer:

  • No obligation price locks for up to 30 days
  • 100% free shipping
  • Device data wipes
  • Free returns

Fast Payment

All Flipsy Trust Verified Stores issue payouts within 1 to 3 business days after they receive and inspect your device.