5 Easy Ways to Find the Storage Capacity of Your iPhone

How many GB’s of space does your iPhone have? Here’s how to check your iPhone memory

Need to check the storage capacity of your iPhone? Your iPhone storage capacity, often mistermed memory, is measured in gigabytes (GB’s). Here are five easy ways to find out how much space your iPhone has (even if it won’t turn on).

Method 1: iPhone settings menu

There are two ways to check your iPhone’s capacity via the settings menu. The first will show total capacity:
STEP 2: Scroll down to CAPACITY

The second allows you to view the total capacity and available capacity, as well as how much space is consumed by each app:
STEP 2: Look toward the top right to find the available and total capacity (for example, 56 GB of 512 GB Used)

NOTE: Depending on your iOS version, the stated capacity might not perfectly match the total capacity of your iPhone. That’s because iOS takes up space on the hard drive. Use the following chart to determine your iPhone’s total capacity
Stated capacityTotal capacity
Less than 8GB8GB
Greater than 8GB but less than 16GB16GB
Greater than 16GB but less than 32GB32GB
Greater than 32GB but less than 64GB64GB
Greater than 64GB but less than 128GB128GB
Greater than 128GB but less than 256GB256GB

Method 2: The back of your iPhone

The storage capacity is printed on the back of some iPhone models, which is helpful if you can’t turn your iPhone on. Be sure to remove your phone case before you check.

Method 3: IMEI lookup

You can also find the capacity of your iPhone with an IMEI lookup, which is a good option if you can’t power on your iPhone and the capacity isn’t printed on the back. You’ll find the IMEI printed on the back of the original iPhone and the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, SE, 6 and 6 Plus. It’s printed on the SIM card tray of all other iPhone models, including the iPhone 3 and 4 series as well as the iPhone 6s through iPhone 11 Pro Max. Once you find your IMEI, you can look it up with an IMEI check tool like IMEI Info. The results will display your capacity (it might be referred to as “built-in memory”).

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Method 4: Your carrier

If your phone is registered with a major carrier, your account page likely displays its total capacity. For example, if you log into My Verizon and select “Manage Device,” the capacity is listed under the device model.

Method 5: Receipt and packaging

If you still have your original receipt or packaging, you’ll probably find the total capacity displayed. Check the receipt, box, bar code and any stickers to see if they list your iPhone’s capacity.