How to Find the Storage Capacity of My iPhone

How many GB’s of space does your iPhone have? Here’s how to check your iPhone memory

Need to check the storage capacity of your iPhone? Your iPhone storage capacity, often mistermed “memory,” is measured in gigabytes (GB’s). Here’s how to find out how much space your iPhone has.


STEP 2: Scroll down to CAPACITY

STEP 3: The stated capacity will not perfectly match the total capacity of your iPhone. That’s because iOS takes up space on the hard drive. Use the following chart to determine your iPhone’s total capacity

Stated capacity Total capacity
Less than 8GB 8GB
Greater than 8GB but less than 16GB 16GB
Greater than 16GB but less than 32GB 32GB
Greater than 32GB but less than 64GB 64GB
Greater than 64GB but less than 128GB 128GB
Greater than 128GB but less than 256GB 256GB

That’s all there is to it! Now, you know your iPhone capacity so you can sell your iPhone at the right price.