3 Ways to Replace a Cracked Samsung Phone Screen (and What It Costs)

A cracked Samsung phone screen can be devastating, especially if you rely on your phone for business, school and your social life. Screen replacement options include cell phone repair services, insurance claims and DIY repair. Here’s a breakdown of each plus associated costs to help you decide which option is best – plus whether it’s worth fixing your phone or if you’re better off selling it broken.

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Samsung cracked phone screen repair costs compared

The table below compares what you can generally expect to pay to get your Samsung screen replaced.

Samsung Screen Repair OptionEstimated Price Range
DIY Repair$92 – $240
Professional Repair Service$199 – $329
Phone Insurance Claim$29 – $149
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Option 1: Cell phone repair services – $199 to $329

Local repair shops can often replace your Samsung screen in under an hour, so you can get your phone fixed over your lunch break. Online mail-in repair services take longer, but they can be good options if you do not have a qualified local repair shop.

Expect to pay between $199 and $329 for Samsung screen replacement, depending on your model. Some repair shops offer warranties that offer free or discounted parts and labor if your screen fails within the warranty period. 

Online phone repair: How it works & what it costs

If you don’t see your model listed on a given repair company’s website, it’s a good idea to contact them to see if they offer it. Their service lists aren’t always up-to-date with the latest models. In some cases, the repair is too uncommon for them to carry parts. In others, the repair is too difficult to be profitable or the parts are so expensive it’s not worth fixing the phone.

Before you commit to a repair center, be sure to ask about the shop’s experience, credentials and part quality: some shops use OEM parts, while others use aftermarket parts.

Here are some example prices for professional Samsung phone screen replacement services:

ModelSamsung Care
(out of warranty)
Best BuyRockit Repairs
Galaxy S20$249$249$329
Galaxy S10$249$249$299
Galaxy S9$219$219$199

Option 2: File an insurance claim – $29 to $149

If you have it, phone insurance might be your cheapest option. You can even get same-day screen replacement if an authorized or mobile repair center is nearby. Otherwise, you’ll need to mail your phone in for repair.

Some carrier plans allow you to request a replacement device instead of getting your phone repaired, but that option typically costs more. For example, Verizon insurance charges $29 for screen repairs but up to $249 for replacement.

Phone insurance: Worth it or waste of money?

Here are example insurance screen repair deductibles (these prices do not include premiums).

InsurerSamsung Screen Replacement Deductible
Samsung Care+$29
AT&T$29 – $49

Use these links to start an insurance claim:

Option 3: Do-it-yourself (DIY) cracked Samsung phone screen replacement – $92 to $240

You can purchase a replacement screen for your Samsung phone from several phone parts suppliers, including Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets and FixEZ. Some stores sell screen replacement kits that come complete with tools; otherwise, you’ll need to buy tools separately. Toolkits start at $5.

Expect to pay between $92 and $240 for a replacement screen, depending on your Samsung model, whether your buy new or refurbished and whether you buy the screen with or without the frame (the frame adds around $20 and can make installation easier). Keep in mind that quality varies, and you’ll typically spend more for a high-quality screen. Pricing can also vary by color.

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Note that some parts suppliers sell OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts while other sell aftermarket parts. Some offer both. Here are some example replacement Samsung screen prices (with the frame).

ModelRepairs UniverseInjured GadgetsFixEZ
Galaxy S20New: $240
Refurbished: $220
New: $220
Refurbished: $220
New: $238
Refurbished: $230
Galaxy S10New: $235
Refurbished: $195
New: $216
Refurbished: $199
New: $226
Refurbished: $216
Galaxy S9New: $200
Refurbished: $140
New: $185
Refurbished: $92
New: $185
Refurbished: $115

How to replace your Samsung screen

WARNING: Screen replacement can be a difficult repair, especially if you aren’t experienced. Before you attempt to replace your own Samsung screen, be aware that you risk causing additional damage and you could void any warranties and insurance policies.

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The process varies by model, but you’ll generally need to:

  • Heat the rear glass
  • Use a suction cup and pry tool to remove it from the frame
  • Disconnect various components and cables
  • Heat the front screen
  • Use a suction cup and pry tool to remove the screen
  • Reassemble your phone with the new screen

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You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on sites like iFixit and YouTube. Here are screen replacement videos for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and S9. 

Galaxy S20

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S9

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Is it worth fixing your Samsung Galaxy phone screen?

Should you fix your Galaxy screen or sell it broken? You might want to base your decision on how much your phone is worth broken versus repaired, especially if you plan to upgrade soon.

Begin by calculating the net value of your phone after repair. You can find your Galaxy’s current value on Flipsy.

For example, at the time of this writing, a Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB on the Verizon network was worth $155 in good condition. Here’s a breakdown of its net value after different repair options.

Galaxy S10 Value – Cost of Repair = Net Value After Repair

Repair MethodValue (good condition)– Repair/Deductible Cost= Net Value After Repair
Samsung Care+$155$29$126
SquareTrade Insurance$155$149$6
Verizon Insurance$155$29$126
Independent Repair Shop$155$249-$94
Samsung Care (out of warranty)$155$249-$94

Next, compare the net value after repair to what your Samsung phone is worth in broken condition. At the time of this writing, a broken Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB on the Verizon network was worth $40.

Galaxy S10 Net Value After Repair VS Broken Value

Repair MethodNet Value After RepairValue Broken
Samsung Care+$126$40
SquareTrade Insurance$6$40
Verizon Insurance$126$40
Independent Repair Shop-$94$40
Samsung Care (out of warranty)-$94$40

As you can see, our example Galaxy phone will have the highest value if you file an insurance claim, though the SquareTrade deductible leaves a net value of just $6.

Out-of-warranty and DIY repair options cost more than the phone is worth, so your phone would lose value if you chose those options. Keep in mind that might not be true for all models.

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Of course, your decision depends not only on the value, but also how long you plan to keep your phone. If you intend to keep it for a few more years, it’s cheaper to repair it than to buy a new phone.

If you plan to upgrade soon and trade in your old phone, however, it’s a good idea to compare your options to see whether you’ll get more value after repair or selling it as-is.

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