iPhone Trade-In Showdown: VS Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile

Trading in your iPhone to your wireless carrier? You’re probably getting a raw deal. Get more cash with

Ready to trade in your old iPhone so you can buy the latest version of Apple’s flagship? Don’t make the mistake of selling your iPhone to wireless carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.


  • You’ll lose money
  • You’ll be paid in store credit only
  • Your payment will be delayed

Wouldn’t you rather get more money, fast and in cash?

That’s exactly what we at are here to help you do. Here are seven reasons you should trade your iPhone in to instead of your wireless carrier.

1. You’ll get more money doesn’t buy iPhones. Rather, our free service instantly finds the highest-paying buyers for your iPhone both online and locally for you.

On average, we find buyers that pay 30 percent more than carriers. That’s a significant difference when it comes to iPhones:

iPhone X (Verizon 64GB Gray)$535 cash$395 credit$360 credit$370 credit$370 credit
iPhone 8 Plus (Verizon 64GB Gray)$423 cash$365 credit$320 credit$300 credit$325 credit
iPhone 8 (ATT 64GB Gray)$317 cash$290 credit$240 credit$225 credit$250 credit
iPhone 7 Plus (Sprint 32GB Black)$235 cash$205 credit$190 credit$225 credit$145 credit
iPhone 7 (T-Mobile 32GB Black)$174 cash$135 credit$110 credit$115 credit$90
iPhone 6s Plus (Verizon 16GB Gray)$169 cash$175 credit$120 credit$110 credit$72
iPhone 6s (Verizon 16GB Gray)$110 cash$130 credit$80 credit$75 credit$36

Retrieved 02/07/2019

As you can see, trading in your iPhone via instead of your wireless carrier could net you an extra $100 or more.

2. You’ll get paid in cash

Carriers only pay in store credit, typically applied to your monthly bill within one to three billing cycles. You might also be paid via a store gift card; either way, you must spend your payment with your carrier.

That might make sense if you’re in the market for iPhone accessories until you realize you can get the same iPhone cases, screen protectors, and chargers much cheaper online.

Conversely, we find buyers who pay in cash, paid via your choice of options like:

  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Dwolla
  • VISA check card

3. You’ll be paid quickly

Carriers often delay payment. In fact, you could wait up to three months to receive your bill credit for an iPhone trade in.

Here are payout timelines for each carrier:

  • Verizon: 1 to 2 billing cycles (account credit) or 2 weeks (Verizon gift card)
  • AT&T: Promotion card will be mailed once your iPhone is received (you have 30 days to ship) and its value is verified
  • Sprint: Bill credit is applied up to 4 weeks after your iPhone is received and processed
  • T-Mobile: May take several billing cycles to receive credit

The vendors featured on submit payment within one to three days of receiving your iPhone.

Find the best payouts for your iPhone!

iPhone 8iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7
iPhone 6S PusiPhone 6SAll iPhones

4. You can take advantage of price locks

Values for previous iPhone models drop between 15 and 40 percent in the weeks preceding a new flagship release, as the market anticipates an influx of used iPhones. Price locks let you sell your iPhone before it loses value, then keep it until you buy the new model.

We’ll show you which buyers offer price locks and for how long (up to 30 days).

5. You can trade in broken iPhones

If your iPhone has a shattered screen or doesn’t turn on, your carrier probably won’t buy it. However, finds buyers willing to pay cash for broken iPhones. Even if your carrier will buy broken iPhones, they won’t pay as much as the buyers Flipsy locates.

6. You can make informed decisions with research tools also features tools you can use to research iPhone prices, including:

  • Private market values: is the Blue Book of iPhones because it shows how much your iPhone is worth via private sale on Ebay, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc.
  • Pricing histories: See recent pricing trends for your iPhone model to determine whether its value is increasing or decreasing

Our research tools use real-world data to give you the full picture about your iPhone’s value.

7. Trust

We search more than 20 Trust Verified stores to find the best-paying buyers for your iPhone. Each vendor is fully-vetted to ensure:

  • Recent good feedback on review sites
  • One day or less response times to questions
  • Payment is sent within 1 to 3 days of receiving your iPhone

And, since we don’t buy iPhones (and therefore don’t profit from resales), you can trust the service to get you the most money for your iPhone.

Why sell your iPhone for less when you can get more money, faster, and in cash with See how much your iPhone is worth now

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