Refurbished iPhone 11: How to Get the Cheapest iPhone 11 in Like New Condition

Looking for the best deal on a refurbished iPhone 11? Buy it as cheap as possible with our roundup of new and refurbished iPhone 11’s for sale.

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iPhone 11 (Refurbished) where to buy compared

StoreiPhone 11 64GBiPhone 11 128GBiPhone 11 256GB
Swappa (mint)$219$260$286
* Retrieved 02/27/2024. iPhone 11’s for sale on the Verizon network/unlocked in “good” condition. Swappa average recently sold in “mint” condition. eBay averages. Amazon “renewed” devices.

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Want an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max instead? Here’s what they’re currently going for.

StoreiPhone 11 Pro 64GBiPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB
Swappa (mint)$263$302
* Retrieved 02/27/2024. iPhone 11’s for sale on the Verizon network/unlocked in “good” condition. Swappa average recently sold in “mint” condition. eBay averages. Amazon “renewed” devices.

iPhone 11 carrier deals

Prefer to buy a new iPhone 11 from your carrier? Here are the cheapest iPhone 11 deals from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

  • Verizon: Free certified pre-owned iPhone 11 w/new line (see deal)
  • T-Mobile: Up to 50% ($250) off an iPhone 11 when you switch & add a new line (see deal)

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iPhone 11 specs, key differences & reviews

Is the iPhone 11 right for you? Which model should you buy? The following specs, key differences and reviews can help you decide.

iPhone 11 specs (all models)

  • Processor: A13 bionic chip
  • Network: 4G LTE
  • Water resistance: IP68

Key differences


The iPhone 11 is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, while the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities.

  • iPhone 11: 64GB, 128GB & 256GB
  • iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max: 64GB, 256GB & 512GB


The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-in. Liquid Retina HD LCD display with 1792×828 (326 ppi) resolution. The iPhone 11 Pro is slightly smaller, with a 5.8-in. Super Retina XDR OLED display at 2436×1125 (458ppi) resolution. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest version, featuring a 6.5-in. Super Retina XDR OLED display with 2688×1242 (458 ppi) resolution.

  • iPhone 11: 6.1”
  • iPhone 11 Pro: 5.8”
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: 6.5”

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All three models feature dual 12MP wide and ultra-wide cameras, but the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max also have a third 12MP telephoto camera. The iPhone 11 is capable of 2X optical zoom out and 5X digital zoom, while the Pro and Pro Max offer up to 2X optical zoom in and zoom out plus up to 10X digital zoom.

  • iPhone 11: Dual 12MP camera system (ultra-wide & wide)
  • iPhone 11 Pro: Triple 12MP camera system (ultra-wide, wide & telephoto)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Triple 12MP camera system (ultra-wide, wide & telephoto)


The iPhone 11 has a 3110 mAh battery that Apple says can power up to 17 hours of video playback and up to 65 hours of audio playback.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a 3046 mAh battery that offers up to 18 hours of video playback and up to 65 hours of audio playback, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 3969 mAh battery can supply up to 20 hours of video and up to 80 hours of audio playback.

All three models feature wireless charging and fast-charge batteries that reach up to 50% capacity in around 30 minutes.

  • iPhone 11: Up to 17 hours video/65 hours audio playback
  • iPhone 11 Pro: Up to 18 hours video/65 hours audio playback
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Up to 20 hours video/80 hours audio playback

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iPhone 11 reviews

“The best $700 iPhone Apple has ever made.” – Cnet

“Thanks to its reduced price, the iPhone 11 remains one of the best phones for the money.”Tom’s Guide

“While all of these features add up to a phone that’s impressive, there’s nothing about the iPhone 11 that’s particularly innovative.” Wired

“… we found the iPhone 11 to be fun to use and often outperformed what we would expect given the price…”TechRadar

“… it worth upgrading to the iPhone 11? If you’ve got an iPhone older than the XR and you’re looking to upgrade, I think the answer is yes.”The Verge

“The iPhone 11 delivers with day-long battery life, excellent performance, and a b camera…”Digital Trends

“While it can’t match up to Apple’s latest iPhones, the camera system on the iPhone 11 sets it apart from the XR…”MacRumors

“The iPhone 11 blows older models like the iPhone 6 away, though newer than that, and the biggest difference is that the iPhone 11 has more cameras.”PC Mag

Common iPhone 11 problems

Display and activation issues are some of the most reported iPhone 11 problems.

Unresponsive touchscreen

Enough users reported touchscreen malfunctions that Apple recalled a small number of the devices. If your iPhone 11 touchscreen stops working, Apple might repair or replace it for free if it’s within two years of the original retail sale. See Apple’s service page for details.

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Green tint

Some iPhone 11 owners have complained about a green display tint when they unlock the device. MacRumors notes it might be related to a software issue, potentially resolved with an iOS update.

Activation issues

Others have said they can’t activate their iPhone 11’s. If you experience this issue, consult Apple’s support documentation for next steps.


As MacRumors reports, the aluminum bodies of some iPhone 11’s have become discolored over time. The issues seems to be most prevalent in Product(Red) versions. So far, there is no explanation, and it’s uncertain whether Apple would consider it to be anything more than a minor cosmetic issue.

Other problems

Other reported problems include charging issues, overheating, battery life and trouble with audio. Check out Digital Trends’ article on iPhone 11 issues for potential fixes.

These issues are important to keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone 11 or if you find a pre-owned iPhone 11 on a peer-to-peer platform like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Always ask questions and thoroughly inspect any iPhone before you buy it.

iPhone 11 daily depreciation

iPhones typically depreciate by around 40% over one year and up to 75% over three years. The iPhone 11 has depreciated by an average of 0.07% per day since its September 2019 release.

Note that depreciation applies to refurbished iPhone 11’s. You can get a new iPhone 11 for around $499, which is $200 less than its $699 release price.

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Which is a better buy? iPhone 11 VS iPhone 12 VS Samsung Galaxy S10

A refurbished iPhone 11 currently goes for approximately 31% less than an iPhone 12, which was released in 2020, and 56% more than a Samsung Galaxy S10, released two months after the iPhone 11 in 2019.

Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 base models have 6.1-in. displays, dual 12MP camera systems and up to 17 hours of video playback. Two primary differences are that the iPhone 12 has a faster processor and is compatible with 5G.

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The Galaxy S10 likewise has a 6.1-in. display, but it features a 16MP/12MP/12MP triple camera system and the base model comes with 128GB of storage, double the iPhone 11’s capacity. Like the iPhone 11, the Galaxy S10 doesn’t offer 5G compatibility and video playback is similar at up to 18 hours.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide which phone is best for you. If you don’t have a preference between iOS and Android, the Galaxy S10 has better cameras and more storage for less money than an iPhone 11. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung phones tend to depreciate at higher rates than iPhones – an important consideration if you plan to resell your phone later.

How to avoid refurbished iPhone 11 scams

Buying a refurbished iPhone 11 can be a cheap way to get a great phone, but you need to watch out for phone scams.

Check the IMEI to make sure the phone hasn’t been lost or stolen, especially if you buy from Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or another peer-to-peer platform.

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It’s also a good idea to request proof the phone is paid off. If it’s not, it’s finance locked, which means you won’t be able to transfer it to a new carrier. Make sure any activation locks like iCloud and Find My iPhone are disabled or you won’t be able to activate your iPhone 11.

Other scams to watch out for include counterfeit iPhones, defective iPhones and sellers who swap OEM parts for aftermarket parts.

A good way to protect yourself is to buy a refurbished iPhone 11 from a trusted company that has good reviews. You should also use a payment method that offers buyer protection.

What to expect when you buy a refurbished iPhone 11

The term “refurbished” generally means the iPhone 11 has been inspected and repaired, if necessary, but it’s important to note that it’s not a legal designation (PC Mag). Here’s how to get an iPhone 11 that meets your expectations.

Ask what “refurbished” means – and who is doing the refurbishing

Some stores, like Gazelle and Decluttr, have technicians who conduct multi-point inspections, make repairs and fully test refurbished phones before they resell them.

You might find reputable stores that use trained techs on marketplaces like eBay and Facebook, but you might also find individual sellers who claim to refurbish phones themselves.

Ask exactly what they mean when they say “refurbished” and who is doing the work before you buy a refurbished iPhone 11.

Ask if they offer a warranty or returns

It’s easier to trust stores that offer returns and warranties on refurbished iPhones.

For example, Gazelle has a 30-day money-back return policy, while Decluttr offers free money-back returns within 14 days plus a limited 12-month warranty when you buy a refurbished iPhone 11. Both eBay and Amazon have buyer protection policies.

Ask what condition it’s in

Refurbished iPhone 11’s are pre-owned, so they typically have wear and tear from normal use. You can expect the phone to be fully functional with some light scuffs and scratches. Occasionally, a brand-new iPhone 11 gets repaired in new or perfect cosmetic condition.

Always ask what condition the phone is in before you agree to buy it. Both Gazelle and Decluttr have tiered grading systems to help you understand exactly what you’re getting.

Ask if it comes with accessories

Refurbished phones do not typically include accessories like earbuds and chargers, but it never hurts to ask.

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