Which Xbox Do You Have? How to Identify Your Xbox

The easiest way to identify your Xbox is to inspect the console. The identification sticker on the back typically lists the model name and number, and some Xbox models clearly label the capacity on the chassis.

If the console doesn’t list the model name or capacity, you can identify it via the following methods.

System settings

You can find both the model name and capacity in Xbox system settings.

Model name

  • Browse to Settings > System > Console info
  • The model name will display


  • Browse to Settings > System > Storage
  • The total capacity and available storage will display

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Serial number

If your Xbox won’t power on (or even if it will), you can use the serial number to find the model name and storage capacity.

  • Find the serial number labeled on the back of the console
  • Use it to register your Xbox with Microsoft here
  • After registration, browse to Devices and find your Xbox
  • Click “See details”
  • Your model name and capacity will display

Note: If you’ve previously registered your Xbox with Microsoft, you don’t need to register it again. Simply log into your account and visit the Devices page.

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Other ways to identify your Xbox

Here are some other methods you can use to figure out which Xbox you have.

Model number

The model number can help you find the model name, but it won’t tell you the console’s capacity. If your Xbox model number isn’t listed below, try Googling it to find the model name.

Model Number Model Name Release Date
C01713 Xbox (Original) 2001
1439 Xbox 360 S (Slim) 2010
1538 Xbox 360 E 2013
1540 Xbox One 2013
1520 Xbox One (w/Kinect) 2013
1681 Xbox One S 2016
1787 Xbox One X 2017
1882 Xbox Series X 2020
1881 or 1883 Xbox Series S 2020

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Hard drive

You can remove and inspect the hard drive to find storage capacity. It’s easy to do in some models, like the Xbox 360 Slim.

The process is a little more involved for other models, like the Xbox One, though it’s not particularly complicated.

Note: Removing your Xbox hard drive will likely void your warranty, so this should be considered a last resort. Try to identify your console via other methods first.

Visual clues

Other visual clues can help you tell which Xbox you have.

Xbox (original)

The original Xbox features a large green circular logo inset in an “X” shape over the top grill. The word “XBOX” is on the front panel, which has four non-USB controller ports.

Xbox 360

When set vertically, the Xbox 360 has a protruding hard drive assembly on top, labeled “HDD.” There are two USB ports and a large circular power button on the front panel.

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Xbox 360 S

The Xbox 360 S (or Slim) has an angled body and a flat top that help differentiate it from the original Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 E. Like the original, the Xbox 360 S has a large circular power button on the front panel.

Xbox 360 E

The Xbox 360 E is square shaped with rounded corners. The round Xbox logo is embossed on top. The sides are straight, unlike the 360 S, and it has a small circular power button next to the disc drive.

Xbox One

The Xbox One has straight sides and square corners. On top, the round Xbox logo is accompanied by the word “XBOX.” The logo also doubles as a power button on the front panel.

Xbox One S

You can distinguish the Xbox One S by its chassis, which features circular indents on the right half and a large, circular ventilation grill on top.

Xbox One X

When set horizontally, the Xbox One X looks similar to the One S, except the top is smooth and the disc drive is nestled between the front panel’s top and bottom tiers rather than inset in the top tier.

Xbox Series X

With its concave “mesh” ventilation grill and rectangular shape, the Xbox Series X looks more like a portable speaker than a traditional gaming console.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S’s circular black ventilation grill stands out in stark contrast to its white chassis, which is slimmer than that of the Series X.

You can find pictures of each model on sites like BeStreamer or by searching Google.

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