iPhone Screen Repair Options & Cost: Is It Worth Fixing?

Have a broken iPhone screen? Here are three iPhone screen repair options and how much each costs, plus a breakdown of whether you should fix it or sell it.

NOTE: If your iPhone is still under warranty, check with Apple to see if you can get your screen fixed for free. Here’s Apple’s warranty coverage checker.

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iPhone screen repair costs compared

Here’s what you can generally expect to pay for iPhone screen replacement.

iPhone Screen Repair OptionEstimated Price Range
DIY Repair$45 – $280
Professional Repair Service$119 – $520
Phone Insurance Claim$29 – $149

Option 1: DIY iPhone screen replacement – $45 to $280

You can replace your own iPhone screen with a little tech savvy and a bit of patience. The repair requires disassembly, however, so you shouldn’t attempt this fix if you’re not comfortable doing that.

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Your best bet is to buy a complete screen assembly, which is a much easier repair than replacing just the front glass or digitizer. Expect to pay between $45 and $280 for a new iPhone screen, depending on your model, where you buy parts and whether you buy a standard LCD or premium OLED screen. Toolkits start at $5 if you don’t already have the necessary tools.

Note that parts suppliers typically sell aftermarket iPhone parts, not OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

Here are some example iPhone replacement screen prices.

ModeliFixitRepairs UniverseFixEZ
iPhone 12OLED: $280LCD: $155
OLED: $270
LCD: $154
iPhone 11LCD: $120LCD: $57LCD: $57
iPhone XLCD: $85
OLED (used): $150
LCD: $45
OLED: $56
LCD: $45
OLED: $105

How to replace a cracked iPhone screen

WARNING: This can be a difficult repair, especially if you aren’t experienced. Understand the risk of additional damage that could void any warranties and insurance policies.

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The process differs slightly by model, but generally involves these steps:

  1. Use a hair dryer, heat gun or iOpener tool to heat the front glass and soften the underlying adhesive
  2. Use a spudger or guitar picks to pry around the seam and gently lift the front glass (suction cups can help)
  3. Disconnect the screen from internal components
  4. Install the new screen, then reassemble your iPhone

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You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on sites like iFixit and YouTube. Here are some example videos for the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and iPhone X.

iPhone 12

iPhone 11

iPhone X

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Option 2: Professional iPhone screen repair service – $119 to $520

Don’t want to fix your own iPhone screen? You can opt for professional repair instead. Local repair shops can often replace your screen in a few hours, either in-store or at your location. Online mail-in repair services take longer, but they’re good options if you don’t have a local repair store.

Expect to pay between $119 and $520 for professional iPhone screen replacement, depending on your model and repair shop. Note that Apple’s own repair service tops out at $329 for out-of-warranty screen repair. Apple also uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer parts), while many repair shops use less expensive aftermarket parts. 

Mail-in repair services like iFixYouri and My Broken Phone typically charge between $100 and $200, but they don’t always list pricing for every repair on their websites. Sometimes, it’s because they haven’t updated their service offering lately, especially if newer devices aren’t listed. Other times, they can make the repair, but it’s too uncommon to stock parts.

In some cases, the repair is difficult and likely to damage the device, so it’s not profitable for the company to offer it. Or, the required parts are so expensive it’s not worth fixing. Either way, if the repair you need isn’t listed on a repair shop’s website, it’s a good idea to contact them anyway to see if they offer it.

Here are some example prices:

(out of warranty)
iFixYouriMy Broken Phone
iPhone 12$279$520n/a
iPhone 11$199$199$119
iPhone X$279$199$119

It’s a good idea to ask about warranties on parts and labor before you choose a repair company. You should also inquire about your service tech’s experience, credentials and quality of parts.

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Option 3: File an insurance claim – $29 to $149

Do you have iPhone insurance? If so, you can file a claim directly with your insurance company, who might offer a choice between mail-in, in-store or on-location repair services. Some companies will overnight a refurbished replacement iPhone rather than repair and return yours.

Expect to pay a deductible ranging between $29 and $149, depending on your model and insurance company. Here are some example iPhone screen repair deductibles.

InsureriPhone Screen Replacement Deductible
AT&T$29 – $49

Is it worth fixing your iPhone screen?

Should you fix your iPhone screen or sell it broken? You can base your decision on how much your iPhone is worth broken versus repaired, especially if you plan to upgrade soon.

Begin by calculating the net value of your iPhone after screen repair (you can look up your iPhone’s current value on Flipsy).

For example, at the time of this writing, an iPhone X 64GB on the Verizon network was worth $255 in good condition. Here’s a breakdown of its net value after different repair options.

iPhone X Value – Cost of Repair = Net Value After Repair

Repair MethodValue
(good condition)
– Repair/Deductible Cost= Net Value After Repair
DIY$255$45 (LCD)$210
SquareTrade Insurance$255$149$106
Verizon Insurance$255$29$226
Independent Repair Shop$255$119$136
Apple Repair (out of warranty)$255$279-$24
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Next, compare the net value after repair to what your iPhone is worth in broken condition. At the time of this writing, a broken iPhone X 64GB on the Verizon network was worth $110.

iPhone X Net Value After Repair VS Broken Value

Repair MethodNet Value After RepairValue Broken
SquareTrade Insurance$106$110
Verizon Insurance$226$110
Independent Repair Shop$136$110
Apple Repair (out of warranty)-$24$110

As the table shows, our example iPhone will have significantly more value if you repair it yourself or file an insurance claim through AppleCare+ or Verizon.

However, SquareTrade insurance leaves a net value of $4 less than the phone is worth broken, while out-of-warranty Apple repair leaves a net value of $134 less, which means you’d lose money by going with those repair options.

The independent repair shop option leaves a net value of just $26 more than selling it broken, which might make you question whether repair is worth the hassle.

Here are some more iPhone screen “sell or fix” breakdowns:

> Broken iPhone 7 screen: Sell or fix

> Broken iPhone 8 screen: Sell or fix

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Of course, your decision depends not only on the value, but also how long you plan to keep your iPhone. If you intend to hold on to it for a few years, it’s cheaper to repair it than to buy a new iPhone.

If you plan to upgrade soon and trade in your old phone, however, it’s worth comparing your options to see whether you’ll get more value after repair or selling it as-is.

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