Whizcells Reviews Overview: Trust Or Not?

So, you want to sell your phone or tablet to The Whiz Cells, but you’re wondering: can you trust them? The short answer is yes. That’s because has been Trust Verified by Flipsy. Here, we explain what that means and list everything you need to know about selling to The Whiz Cells – and why you can trust them. The Whiz Cells is Trust Verified As the newest vendor, The Whiz Cells has undergone the same vigorous vetting process that all Flipsy vendors must pass. To be Flipsy Trust Verified, each vendor must:
  • Have recent positive reviews from independent, unbiased third-parties
  • Respond to questions within one day
  • Send payment within one day of receiving your device
The Whiz Cells met our criteria and easily made the cut, which means you can trust them to offer an exceptional selling experience, respond to your questions quickly, and – most importantly – pay you on-time. Use to find out what The Whiz Cells and dozens of other Trust Verified buyers will currently pay for your device. How The Whiz Cells Works The Whiz Cells is an electronics recycler, which means they buy used devices then resell them to other users or refurbishment centers (who either refurbish and resell devices or use them for parts). Here’s how it works:
  1. Visit and find your device (or use to compare how much they’ll pay versus other buyers)
  2. Answer a few questions about your device’s model and condition, and The Whiz Cells will make an instant offer
  3. Accept the offer, send in your device, and get paid
Note that if your device doesn’t match the description you gave, The Whiz Cells will present a counter offer.

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What devices will The Whiz Cells buy? The Whiz Cells will buy used iPhones, cell phones, and tablets from the following brands:
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • BlackBerry
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Sony
Unlike carrier trade-in programs, The Whiz Cells will buy old devices in any condition – even broken phones and tablets. “Stupid Fast Payment” When you sell your phone on, you’ll be presented with two shipping options:
  1. Use your own packaging: You print a prepaid shipping label emailed by The Whiz Cells and use your own packaging to ship your device. The Whiz Cells guarantees payment within 24 hours of receipt – what they term “Stupid Fast Payment”
  2. Request packaging: The Whiz Cells will send you a complete prepaid shipping kit. If you use their packaging, you will be paid within 72 hours after they receive your device
Both options are completely free; plus, The Whiz Cells provides free online order tracking so you can monitor your device’s arrival and payout timeline. The Whiz Cells offers three cash payment options:
  1. PayPal
  2. Dwolla
  3. Check
For PayPal and Dwolla payments, your funds will be immediately available once deposited. If you select check payment, it will take an additional 7 to 10 days to receive your money. reviews isn’t the only place that vets electronic recyclers; let’s check out some reviews to see how others have rated The Whiz Cells. Reseller Ratings The Whiz Cells boasts an 8.47 (out of 10) rating on Reseller Ratings, with lots of 5-star reviews from happy sellers. The score is brought down by a couple of low reviews that do not seem to describe the typical user experience when compared to the plethora of positive reviews. Here are some examples:
  • “The Whiz made selling my old phone easy and fast! I would definitely recommend their services to everybody that wants fast and easy service.” – golope862
  • “Best price and super-fast payment via PayPal…highly recommend!” – reyshiro
  • “I researched several sites, this site quoted the highest price, sent me a mailer, and deposited the quoted amount into my PayPal account all in a very timely manner. I recommend them without a doubt.” – dmzgiff3
Commonly-mentioned benefits include:
  • Fast payment
  • Highest payout offer
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth transaction
  • Delivers as-promised
Complaint Boards The Whiz Cells has only two mentions on Complaint Boards:
  • A somewhat-vague complaint from 2014
  • A mention in a complaint about in which the complainant recommends users sell devices on instead
By comparison, competitors like Gazelle and uSell have far more complaints – 35 and 79, respectively (by the way, has zero complaints). Reviews The Whiz Cells has a brief solitary complaint on Pissed Consumer; in the incident described, it’s possible the phone was broken by the shipping company. Scam Adviser In addition to being Flipsy Trust Verified, The Whiz Cells has a “High Trust Rating” on Scam Adviser. The abundance of good reviews proves that The Whiz Cells is a trusted buyer and can be counted on to deliver a “top dollar” deal for device sellers. Factor in quick response and “Stupid Fast Payments,” and it was easy to award Trust Verified status and include them in Flipsy’s device trade-in price comparisons. Use to see how much The Whiz Cells and other Trust Verified trade-in companies will pay for your phone, tablet, or other device today.

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