IMEI On Sprint Blocked: Is There Still Hope?

If your Sprint phone’s IMEI is blocked, you’re probably frustrated at the prospect of being stuck with a very expensive, albeit useless, device. The good news is that even if the IMEI on your phone is blocked, there’s a good chance you can still sell your old Sprint phone. The following presents possible reasons why your IMEI is blocked as well as options for selling your Sprint phone.

Why is my Sprint IMEI blocked?

Primary reasons a Sprint phone’s IMEI could be blocked include an unpaid Sprint Wireless balance, a previously-reported theft, or an attempt to sell the device in-contract. Rarely, a mistake could be made that lands your Sprint IMEI on the blacklist.
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You can find out if your Sprint IMEI is blocked by contacting Sprint directly or by checking any of the freely available online IMEI checker tools (it’s a good idea to check multiple tools, as they can have different databases). Options include CTIA’s national blacklist database and sites like IMEI Pro and Doctor SIM. If you don’t know what your IMEI is, you can find it in your phone’s settings.

How to sell a Sprint phone with a blocked IMEI

If your Sprint phone’s IMEI is indeed blocked, you might still be able to legally sell it via one of the following methods. Sell it on Flipsy Flipsy instantly compares phone buyback offers from dozens of Trust Verified Stores, some of which will buy locked and blacklisted phones. Browse or search for your phone on Flipsy, find “Locked or Blacklisted?” and click “See Offers” to find out how much you can get for your blacklisted phone.
Blacklisted IMEI? Here’s what you can do
Ask Sprint to unblock your IMEI If your IMEI was blocked because you owe Sprint money, bringing your balance up-to-date could be the simplest solution. If your phone was previously stolen then recovered, contacting Sprint will help you resolve the blocked IMEI issue. If your IMEI was erroneously blacklisted, Sprint is also your point-of-contact for speedy resolution. Pay for IMEI unblocking Companies like IMEI Authority and Cell Unlocker offer IMEI unblocking services, but they’re not all created equal. What’s more, some unscrupulous services employ illegal tactics for unblocking IMEIs, which could potentially land you in legal trouble. Even reputable IMEI unblocking services can’t guarantee with absolute certainty they can unblock your IMEI. If you decide to go this route, be sure to do your homework and choose a reliable company endorsed by trusted, third-party sources. Switch carriers Like Verizon and Cricket, Sprint issues CDMA phones. That means it’s likely you can switch carriers by “flashing” your phone, which is a fancy way to say “replace your Sprint access files with another carrier’s.” Be sure to double-check that your new carrier will accept your phone before you flash it. You’ll need special software to perform the task. If you are able to successfully switch carriers, you should be able to cell your Sprint phone with relative ease.
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Switch networks Many Sprint phones come with SIM cards, which means they might be capable of operating on both CDMA and GSM networks. Most of the world uses GSM networks for mobile access, but only T-Mobile and AT&T do in the U.S. Unlike carrier-controlled CDMA phones, GSM phones can be switched to new carriers simply by swapping out SIM cards. Swapping out SIM cards won’t let you use your IMEI-blocked Sprint phone in the U.S., but it will allow you to sell your phone to a foreign buyer. Worldwide, there is a healthy market for used GSM-enabled phones, so you shouldn’t encounter much trouble finding a buyer – just make sure they are aware your IMEI is blocked in the U.S. before you complete the sale.

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Sell your Sprint phone for repair parts Repair shops and some private parties are always on the lookout for repair parts for Sprint phones. If all else fails, or if the aforementioned options do not appeal to you, you can sell your IMEI-blocked Sprint phone to a repair serice. Again, be sure to disclose the fact that your IMEI is blocked before you complete the sale. A blocked IMEI on your Sprint phone can be frustrating, but it doesn’t render your device valueless. Consider your options, conduct your own research, and determine which method for selling your IMEI-blocked Sprint phone makes the most sense for your situation.

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