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The Best Place to Sell Any Used Book for the Most Money

Do you have a stack of used books to sell? Wondering where to sell textbooks, bulk paperbacks, or old encyclopedias? Whether you’re a bookseller seeking to sell your inventory or you simply want to cash in on spring cleaning, this guide will help you find where to sell used books for the most money.


Textbooks typically have value, especially if they are less than five years old. Instantly compare the highest offers from more than 25 online textbook buyback stores by entering your book’s ISBN number in Flipsy’s textbook price comparison tool.

Bulk lot of paperbacks

If you have a box (or boxes) of paperbacks, it’s often best to sell them to your local bookstore. Though you can sell used books online, shipping heavy boxes of paperbacks can cost more than they’re worth. You can also try local peer-to-peer selling sites like Craigslist and OfferUp. If you can’t find a buyer, consider donating them to your local library or thrift store.
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Old, rare books

Old, rare books can have excellent value, but you’ll need to know where to find buyers to cash in. Learn where to find them in our guide to selling old, rare books. Collectors often check Amazon, Ebay, and Alibris so you can consider listing your book on one of those sites. If your book is particularly valuable, an auction might net more money (though you’ll pay fees). It’s a good idea to get an appraisal for your book so you can set a fair price.

Limited edition, first edition and collectible books

Limited edition and first edition books, particularly collectible books related to popular franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter, can be valuable. Like old, rare books, you’ll get the most money selling them to private collectors or via auction. Amazon, Ebay, and Alibris can be good places to sell to collectors. Learn more from these resources:

Autographed books

Autographed books can be very valuable, especially if they’re signed by well-known authors or celebrities. If the book itself is valuable without an autograph, a signed copy can significantly increase its value. You can sell autographed books to private collectors and via auction, though you’ll likely need to have signatures authenticated first (and it’s a good idea to have your book appraised once signatures are authenticated). Like rare, limited edition, and collectible books, you can list your autographed books on Amazon, Ebay, or Alibris – all places collectors search for books.
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Most encyclopedias have little value; they quickly become outdated and have largely been replaced by online editions. However, some sets can sell for $75 – enough to cover date night – and a few rare sets can be worth $300, $3,000, or even more. Valuable encyclopedias can be sold to private collectors, bookstores, and via auction. Like bulk lots of paperbacks, you need to consider shipping expenses when selling encyclopedias. Learn more from these resources:
Did you know? The 2015 15th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica can be worth thousands.
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Sheet music

Though not technically books, vintage sheet music can be valuable to historians, music collectors, and even interior decorators. Highly-prized sheet music is best sold at auction or to private collectors; less-valuable items can be sold to music stores, online resellers, and even flea markets. Ebay is a popular site for selling sheet music. Learn more about where to sell sheet music and how much it’s worth.

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Niche hardcover books

Niche hardcover books like coffee table books, large format art books, and photo books can be worth a few dollars each; and if you have a stack of them the total value can add up fast. Since these books tend to be heavy – and therefore expensive to ship – you might want to try selling them to local bookstores or via local classifieds like Craigslist, LetGo, and OfferUp first. If that’s not an option, consider online sites that allow you to charge the buyer shipping fees: Alibris, eBay, and Amazon, for example.


Most cookbooks are only worth a few dollars; however, some cookbooks are highly collectible and can fetch $50 or more (some vintage cookbooks are even worth $200 to $400 on the collectible market). You might be able to sell your collectible cookbooks to local bookstores or via online classifieds sites, but you’ll get more selling directly to collectors on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibris. If you have a box of old cookbooks that aren’t individually valuable, consider selling them as a lot on eBay.

Comic Books

The majority of comic books are worth the retail sticker or less but some rare and collectible editions can fetch a hefty price. To get top dollar for your collection, you’ll need to know how to assess the condition of your comics as well as find a reputable buyer. Options include online comic stores and bookstores, auctions, online marketplaces like Comic Collector Live and eBay, local classifieds sites, online forums, brick-and-mortar comic stores and events like Comic-Con.
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Old magazines

Most magazines are worth between $5 and $20, but some can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars – especially landmark issues in mint or near-mint condition. Depending on the value of your magazines, you can sell them at auction, to local bookstores, on local classifieds sites, and directly to collectors on sites like eBay and Abe Books. For a faster sale, you can check out sites like Vintage Magazines and Back to the Past. These sites buy magazines and resell them for a profit, so you won’t get top dollar but you can get fast cash.
Did you know? Some magazines are worth $50,000 or more. See which magazines are valuable.

Graphic novels

Graphic novels are typically worth anywhere between $5 and $25, though some command much larger sums: hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The most valuable graphic novels can be sold to collectors via private sale or at auction, while less valuable graphic novels are often sold to comic book stores. Find out how much your graphic novels are worth and where to sell them.

Books with an ISBN

Not sure which category your book falls under? No worries – it’s easy to learn more about any book by its ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, which is a 10- or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a book. The ISBN is paired with a scannable barcode and typically can be found on the back cover, though it can sometimes be found on the copyright page. Once you have your ISBN number, enter it into Flipsy’s book buyback price comparison tool to get real-time cash offers. It only takes a minute, so it’s always smart to check the value of your books before you toss them out. You never know when you might have a diamond in the rough! Can’t find an ISBN? Find out how to find the value of old books without an ISBN.

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