Broken iPhone Screen: Sell Or Fix?

Should you sell or fix an iPhone that has a cracked screen? helps you decide!

Did your iPhone take a tumble from your hand, shatter in your back pocket, or startle you with an underfoot crunch? No matter how you broke your iPhone screen, you’re now faced with a choice: should you fix it or sell it?

The answers to three critical questions should dictate your decision:

  • How long will you keep using your iPhone if it is repaired?
  • What is your iPhone worth broken?
  • What is your iPhone worth repaired?

Here, helps you answer each question so you can decide whether to repair your damaged screen or sell your broken iPhone.

How long will you continue to use your iPhone?
First things first: if you fix your iPhone’s cracked screen, how long will you continue to use the device? If your iPhone is new or you plan on using it for a while – say, a year or longer – then you’re probably better off fixing it. This is especially true if you plan on buying a new iPhone when you sell your current phone. Quite simply, it’s cheaper to fix your iPhone than to buy a brand-new iPhone.

However, if you’ve had your iPhone for some time or you’re otherwise ready to buy a new model anyway, you should focus on maximizing resale value. To do that, you need to know how much your iPhone is worth broken versus repaired.

What is your iPhone worth with a broken screen?
Even with a damaged display, your iPhone has value. Many trade-in companies buy broken iPhones to refurbish and resell.

Use to find out much your broken iPhone is worth. Simply browse or search for your iPhone model, select “broken” as the condition, and Flipsy will show you the highest-paying trade-in offers for your device. Take note of the best offer.

Here are some example trade-in values for broken iPhone models, as of 12/8/2016:

Keep in mind these are just a few examples; you can find values for any iPhone model, color, carrier, capacity, and condition combination on Flipsy’s iPhone cash and trade-in price finder page.

What is your iPhone worth repaired?

Now that you know how much your iPhone is worth with a broken screen, you need to find out how much it would be worth repaired. Then, you’ll determine its net value.

iPhone broken screen repair options
You have two options for fixing your cracked iPhone screen: do-it-yourself repair or paid repair services.

DIY iPhone repair is the cheapest option, since you’ll only pay for parts and perhaps a $5 to $10 toolkit; but if you’re inexperienced, the repair can prove difficult and you can risk causing more damage to your device.

Paid iPhone repair services are more expensive, but it’s the easiest option and repair companies typically offer guarantees and warranties.

Here are some example do-it-yourself and paid repair service costs associated with replacing a broken iPhone screen (LCD and digitizer):

ModelDIY repair cost (parts)Repair service cost
iPhone 7 PlusRepairs Universe: $450
Direct Fix: $290
Apple $349
iPhone 7Repairs Universe: $450
Direct Fix: $290
Apple $349
iPhone 6s PlusRepairs Universe: $149
ETrade Supply: $284
Direct Fix: $129
Apple: $329
uBreakiFix: $250
iResQ: $399
iPhone 6sRepairs Universe: $115
ETrade Supply: $173
Direct Fix: $100
Apple: $299
uBreakiFix: $200
iResQ: $299
iPhone 6 PlusRepairs Universe: $110
ETrade Supply: $139
Direct Fix: $48
Apple: $329
uBreakiFix: $150
iResQ: $199
iPhone 6Repairs Universe: $80
ETrade Supply: $79
Direct Fix: $35
Apple: $299
uBreakiFix: $130
iResQ: $179
iPhone 5sRepairs Universe: $32
ETrade Supply: $55
Direct Fix: $27
Apple: $269
uBreakiFix: $110
iResQ: $250
iPhone 5cRepairs Universe: $40
ETrade Supply: $34
Direct Fix: $27
Apple: $269
uBreakiFix: $110
iResQ: $198
iPhone 5Repairs Universe: $49
ETrade Supply: $52
Direct Fix: $27
Apple: $269
uBreakiFix: $110
iResQ: $199

NOTE: If your iPhone is still covered by AppleCare+, under warranty, or if you have third-party insurance coverage, the cost to have your iPhone repaired can be significantly cheaper. Check with your provider to see how much you’ll pay to file a repair or replacement claim.

Decide whether to replace your own iPhone screen or hire a repair service, then take note of the price. If you decide to go the DIY route, check out these free iPhone cracked screen repair guides.

Calculate the net value of iPhone repair
You know how much it will cost to fix your iPhone; now, you need to calculate the net value of your iPhone after repair.

Find The Value of Your iPhone

iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 All iPhones

New value of iPhone – Cost of repair = NET VALUE

To calculate the net value, use to find out how much your iPhone will be worth in “good” condition. Here are some examples, as of 12/8/2016:

Now, perform your net value calculation based on the repair method you’ve selected. Examples include:

iPhone 7 PlusDIY$525$290$235
iPhone 7 PlusRepair Service$525$349$176
iPhone 7DIY$410$290$120
iPhone 7Repair Service$410$349$61
iPhone 6s PlusDIY$300$129$171
iPhone 6s PlusRepair Service$300$250$50
iPhone 6sDIY$271$100$171
iPhone 6sRepair Service$271$200$71
iPhone 6 PlusDIY$250$48$202
iPhone 6 PlusRepair Service$250$150$100
iPhone 6DIY$215$35$180
iPhone 6Repair Service$215$130$85
iPhone 5sDIY$98$27$71
iPhone 5sRepair Service$98$110-$12
iPhone 5cDIY$68$27$41
iPhone 5cRepair Service$68$110-$42
iPhone 5DIY$78$27$51
iPhone 5Repair Service$78$110-$32

Compare iPhone values: broken versus repaired
Finally, you need to compare the value of your broken iPhone versus the net value of your iPhone if it were repaired. This makes it easy to see which option maximizes your resale value. Here are some examples:

iPhone 7 PlusDIY$235$100Repair
iPhone 7 Plus

Repair Service$176$100Repair
iPhone 7DIY$120$75Repair
iPhone 7Repair Service$61$75Sell
iPhone 6s PlusDIY$171$164Repair
iPhone 6s PlusRepair Service$50$164Sell
iPhone 6sDIY$171$96Repair
iPhone 6sRepair Service$71$96Sell
iPhone 6 PlusDIY$202$94Repair
iPhone 6 PlusRepair Service$100$94Repair
iPhone 6DIY$180$103Repair
iPhone 6Repair Service$85$103Sell
iPhone 5sDIY$71$31Repair
iPhone 5sRepair Service-$12$31Sell
iPhone 5cDIY$41$12Repair
iPhone 5cRepair Service-$42$12Sell
iPhone 5DIY$51$15Repair
iPhone 5Repair Service-$32$15Sell

As you can see, in many cases the only way to earn more resale value via repair is by doing it yourself. If you don’t have the expertise to perform complicated iPhone repairs, it’s probably worth selling your iPhone with a broken screen.

In other cases, repairing your iPhone will actually cost you money; or, the additional value added by repairing your iPhone is so minimal you might want to skip the hassle and simply sell it as-is. If you decide to sell your iPhone, use to find the highest-paying buyers for your iPhone in any condition – broken or otherwise.

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