What is Microsoft Surface Pro Worth? Surface Pro Prices & Trade In Value

Looking for Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro prices? Trying to find Microsoft Surface Pro trade in values? Here’s how much a Microsoft Surface Pro is worth.

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Microsoft Surface & Surface Pro “Buy” Prices (what you can expect to pay as of 09/22/2021)

If you want to buy a used Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro, expect to pay anywhere between $55 and $949, depending on model and condition.
Current Price @ Amazon
Current Price @ eBay
Current Price @ Decluttr
Surface Pro X$984$761n/a
Surface Pro 7$949$658n/a
Surface Pro 6$686$483n/a
Surface Pro 2017 (m3)$525$400n/a
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Surface Pro 4$553$314n/a
Surface Pro 3$492$187$240
Surface Pro 2n/a$173n/a
Surface Pro Originaln/a$121n/a
Surface Go$452$258$170
Surface 3 64GB$180$111n/a
Surface 2 32GB$210$55n/a
Surface Book$764$502n/a
* Prices for models with 128GB capacities and 4GB – 8GB memory with Intel i5 processors unless otherwise noted. Amazon average used or renewed prices, eBay average used prices. We get affiliate commissions for completed purchases.
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Microsoft Surface & Surface Pro “Sell” Prices (what you can expect to get as of 09/22/2021)

Want to sell a Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro? You can get anywhere from $12 to $665, depending on model and condition.
Surface Pro ModelOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy)Online Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Surface Pro X$340$370$665
Surface Pro 7$289$350$575
Surface Pro 6$361$210$422
Surface Pro 2017 (m3)$138$90$349
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Surface Pro 4$230$100$275
Surface Pro 3$85$80$164
Surface Pro 2$40$60$84
Surface Pro Original$12$65$152
Surface Go$103$110$105
Surface 3 64GBn/a$40$97
Surface 2 32GBn/a$20$48
Surface Book$185$150$439

Factors that affect Microsoft Surface value

The value of your Surface is determined by several factors, including market demand, model, condition and tech specs like storage capacity and processor speed. Each factor can have a significant impact on value. For example, a different processor can alter the value of two otherwise-identical Surface models by as much as 20 percent. If you have the AC adapter, original packaging, and accessories like the Surface pen, you might be able to get more for your Surface – around $10 to $20 per accessory. It’s a good idea to list your Surface technical specifications so you can get an accurate value.

Which Microsoft Surface do you have?

There are a few ways to determine which Surface you have:
  1. The Surface app
Download the Surface app, then browse to “My Surface.” Your model number will be displayed there.
  1. Via system information
Tap the start button and type in “system information.” Your Surface will display under “system model.”
  1. By serial number
Enter your serial number on Microsoft’s device service and repair platform, and it will display your Surface model.

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How to find your Microsoft Surface serial number There are four ways to find the serial number of your Surface:
  1. Check the Surface app
  2. Browse to “About” in “Settings”
  3. Check your packaging. If you still have it, your serial number will be printed on a label
  4. Look on your Surface
  • On the Surface 3 and Surface Pro models, it’s located near the kickstand base
  • On the Surface Book, it’s located on the bottom edge of the Clipboard
  • On the Surface Laptop, it’s located on the bottom center, near the hinge
  • On the Surface Studio, it’s located on the bottom of the base

Before you sell your Microsoft Surface, do this

You should physically clean your Surface before you sell it, which can make it appear more attractive to buyers; but more importantly, you should erase your Surface data to protect your private data, personal photos, online accounts, and credit card information.
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How to wipe your Microsoft Surface and perform a factory reset
STEP 1: Create a backup of your Surface You can create a backup via OneDrive or manually. If you have a local account, you’ll need to create a manual backup. This will allow you to back up your files, but not your settings. Steps for both options are listed below. OneDrive backup
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, then:
  • Turn syncing ON
Your personal settings will sync to OneDrive; note this DOES NOT back up your files. You will do that next.
  • Next, copy files from Surface Pro to the OneDrive app and wait for them to sync to OneDrive. If you use Outlook Data Files, read this guide for additional information. Otherwise, your files and settings are now backed up.
Manual backup
  • Connect an external USB drive to your Surface
  • Search for “File History,” then select it
  • Select your backup drive
  • Turn File History ON
Your Surface will create a backup on your selected drive. Be patient, as it might take a few hours to complete.
STEP 2: Erase your Surface data Follow these steps to wipe your Microsoft surface (for some models, you can use the Microsoft Surface Data Eraser):
  • Browse to “Start” and select SETTINGS > UPDATE & SECURITY > RECOVERY (if you have a Surface 2 or RT, you’ll browse to SETTINGS > CHANGE PC SETTINGS > UPDATE & RECOVERY)
  • Browse to “Reset this PC”
  • Select GET STARTED
This will remove your personal files, apps, drivers, and any settings changes you’ve made. Windows and any apps that came with your Surface will be reinstalled.

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STEP 3: Deregister your Surface
  • Log in to your Microsoft account
  • Find “Devices,” then click SELL ALL
  • Find your Surface, then select MORE ACTIONS
  • Confirm your choice and click REMOVE
Once your Microsoft Surface data is erased and your device is deregistered from your Microsoft account, you can safely sell it without worrying about future users accessing your data.

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