Need a Phone Repaired? Cracked Screen, Battery Dead? Online Phone Repair: How It Works and What It Costs

Broken or busted phone you need repaired? Online phone repair is a convenient option that could represent some savings. Here’s how mail in phone repair works and what it costs, plus some of the best cell phone repair services you can trust with your device.

How much does online phone repair cost?

Total cost for online phone repair varies by device, repair, and company. For example, online prices for screen replacement range from $59 to $99 for older iPhone and Galaxy phones. iPhone 7 and 8 screen repair runs between $99 and $160, while repairing screens for recent flagships like the iPhone X can cost $250 or more. You can expect to pay around $130 to $199 to replace a screen on Galaxy series S5 through S7, and anywhere from $219 to $300 or more for the Galaxy S8 and later models. Charging port repair price ranges are roughly the same across all phones – $49 to $99 – and battery replacement costs anywhere from $35 to $99. Unduit, Puls, Mission:Repair, Phone Doctors, and iResQ all list pricing on their websites so you can compare rates between services. Though shipping fees might add $10 to $20 to what you’d pay at a local repair shop, efficient online repair companies may be able to offset those fees with better rates – which could save you money. In addition, mail in phone repair companies like uBreakiFix and Cell Phone Repair provide advanced training to their technicians and offer high-quality OEM parts, which might not be available in your local area. Such expertise is particularly important for difficult repairs like screen replacement. This isn’t to say a local shop can’t repair your device, of course, but if your local tech’s skills are in doubt they might be best-suited for simpler repairs like battery replacement. Alternatively, you can go online to schedule on-site repair from local techs trained by companies like Puls and iCracked.

How does mail in phone repair work?

The mail in phone repair process is simple. Start by visiting your selected service’s website and submit information about the repair you need. Many will offer a printable shipping label, or you can print your own via your preferred carrier. Package your phone and ship it, and your repair company will return it good-as-new in a few days. In most cases, you’ll be responsible for shipping fees (which will vary depending on your location), though Unduit offers free shipping and iResQ charges a flat shipping fee of $12. Repair times vary as well. Companies like uBreakiFix, Mission:Repair, and iResQ complete most repairs within 24 hours, while CPR Cell Phone Repair can take up to 48 hours. Advanced repairs may take longer. Total turnaround time is typically around a week, depending on shipping time. Phone Doctors, for example, states repaired devices will be returned within 3 to 5 days after they receive them. If you’re worried about staying connected while your phone is out for repair, some companies offer loaner phones for less than $10. Of course, most people simply use an old phone while they’re waiting for repairs. Don’t want to ship your phone out but want high-quality service? Companies like Puls and iCracked send mobile technicians directly to your location: your home, office, gym, or even your favorite coffee shop. They don’t charge shipping fees, of course, and many repairs can be completed the same day – often within an hour. If you have the DIY mentality and would like to save yourself a few extra bucks, you can also reference Flipsy’s extensive list of repair guides for both iPhone and Android. Any of these services can get your phone functioning like new in no time, and if you decide you don’t want to fix it – or if you want to upgrade to a new device after your repair – you can sell it on, where Trust Verified Stores compete to pay top dollar for used phones (even if they’re damaged). Find out how much your phone is worth now!