Flipsy Bulk Phone Quote FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Flipsy Bulk Phone Selling Service.
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What is the Flipsy Bulk Phone Selling Service?
Sell multiple phones or tablets at once to stores that compete to pay more for your devices. Send your list of devices to multiple stores so you can get quotes for all your devices at the same time. You will be able to see the best combined offer and the best single store offer.

How does Flipsy Multiple Device Quote compare to eBay and Swappa? Is it a good deal?
When you sell multiple devices on eBay and Swappa, you’ll need to create a detailed listing for each individual phone. There’s no guarantee of sale, either, and your phones could take a long time to sell (losing value all the while). Though it’s possible to get paid more on eBay and Swappa, it’s usually marginal – about $10 to $50 after fees, and in many cases Flipsy buyers pay the same or more. By the time you put in all the effort it takes to sell multiple devices on eBay and Swappa, you could save four hours or more of work and get paid quicker with Flipsy.

What do “best combined offer” and “best single store offer” mean?
The best combined offer is the highest price you can get if you sell your devices to different stores. For example, Store A might pay $500 for your first device and $250 for your second device. Store B might pay $400 for your first device and $300 for your second device. The best combined offer would mean selling your first device to Store A and your second device to Store B, for a total of $800. The best single store offer is the highest price any one store will pay for all your devices. It’s a convenient option since you only have one transaction, one place to ship to, and one payout. Using the example above, Store A would represent the best single store offer since it pays $750 for both devices, versus the $700 Store B pays.

How many devices can I sell at once?
As many as you’d like. List up to 25 devices on the Flipsy Bulk Phone Selling Tool page. If you have more than 25 devices to sell, contact us for help setting up your multiple device quote request.

Can I sell any device? Even broken phones?
You can request quotes for any device you own. Several stores even buy broken phones. Note that buyers will not accept devices that are iCloud/Android locked, still under a financing plan, or that have a bad ESN.

How many quotes will I get?
Flipsy checks your device list at more than a dozen Trust Verified stores.

How long does it take to get quotes, and how long should I wait to choose one?
Once you submit your list of devices to sell, you’ll typically begin receiving quotes within 1 to 24 hours. You can sell your devices at any time, even after you receive the very first quote; or, you can wait the full 24 hours to see if a higher quote comes in.

How do I get paid, and how long does it take?
You will be paid via your choice of cash or store credit. Cash payout methods include check, PayPal, money order, bank deposit and Western Union. Payments are submitted within 1 to 3 days of stores receiving your devices. Since shipping times vary, the entire process takes around 7 to 10 days.

Who pays for shipping, and how do I ship my devices?
The buyback stores pay for shipping. Each store has its own shipping policy and will send instructions once you accept its offer. Typically, they’ll send you a free prepaid shipping label, either through the mail or to print at home. Some stores send shipping kits complete with packaging.

What information do you share with stores, and can I trust selling my devices to them?
When you submit a multiple device quote request, Flipsy sends a list of your devices to each store – but it does not send personal information like your name or email address. Flipsy only shares this information once you’ve selected an offer so you can complete your sale with the buyer. In addition, each store has been Trust Verified by Flipsy to ensure it pays within 1 to 3 business days, answers questions within 1 business day, and has recent positive reviews.

How can I tell what condition my devices are in?
Click the “Condition Guide” link near the top of the multiple device quote form.

How can I tell which device I have?
You can look for your model number on the settings screen, on the exterior of the device and in the battery compartment, if it’s accessible. For more detailed information about how to identify specific devices, read What Phone or Tablet Do You Have?

How should I prepare my phone for sale?
Before you sell, create a backup of your device and transfer data to a new device. Disconnect any accounts and disable activation locks, then erase your device data by resetting it to factory defaults. Finally, it’s a good idea to physically clean your phone.

What if I have more questions?
Contact us for more information.

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