Game system storage capacity: How to find it for PS4, Xbox One & more

How to find your video game console’s storage capacity

You know which video game console you have but you might not know the storage capacity. Whether it’s an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, here’s how to find the storage capacity of your gaming console. NOTE: Since your console’s operating system takes up hard drive space, the stated storage might need to be rounded up to match the model. For example, an Xbox One might show it has 475 GB of storage, which means you have the 500 GB model. Xbox One
  • From the home menu, select My Games & Apps
  • Your storage capacity will display on the left
Xbox 360 The Xbox 360 had three major releases – the original Xbox 360, the 360 S, and the 360 E – and each had multiple versions (for example, the original was available in Core, Arcade, Pro, and Elite). To sell your Xbox 360, all you need to know is which of the three major releases you have and its capacity. To find your storage capacity:
  • Browse to Settings and select System
  • Select Storage
  • Choose your hard drive and push Y on your controller to view the storage capacity
  • Browse to Settings
  • Select System Storage Management
  • Total capacity will display on the screen
  • Browse to Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Select System Information
  • Capacity will display on the screen
Wii U
  • Browse to System Settings
  • Select Data Management
  • Select Copy/Move/Delete Data
  • Storage capacity will display on the screen
Nintendo Switch and other Nintendo Consoles The Nintendo Switch and other Nintendo consoles and handheld video game consoles were manufactured with standard internal storage space (which could be expanded with SD cards and external storage), so you do not need to know their capacities.