Sprint Trade-In Program: Fast Money or Bad Deal?

Is the Sprint trade-in program a good deal, or should you look for other smartphone buyback options? Flipsy.com investigates!

How does Sprint’s trade-in program stack up to other trade-in options? Let’s take a look!

Is the Sprint trade-in program a good deal?

Let’s compare how much Sprint will pay for some popular phones versus trade-in offers found on Flipsy.com (as of 9/15/2017).

Device Sprint Flipsy
iPhone 6s Plus T-Mobile (16GB Gray) $125 credit $237 cash
iPhone 7 Sprint (16GB Gray) $165 credit $325 cash
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus AT&T (32GB Black) $65 credit $151 cash
Galaxy S6 Verizon (32GB Black) $40 credit $125 cash
Phone not listed? Find your exact phone on the Sprint Buyback page, then compare it to offers on Flipsy.com

As you can see, Sprint is not the highest-paying buyback option. In fact, we found that Sprint paid an average of 72% less than Flipsy vendors for the models compared.

Another important consideration: Sprint only pays in store credit, applied to your bill within three billing cycles. Thus, you must wait to get your credit – and you must be a Sprint customer to spend it. Flipsy vendors offer cash payouts, so you’re free to spend your money however (and wherever) you’d like.


How the Sprint trade-in program works

Start by visiting the Sprint Buyback page, then:

  1. Search or browse for your phone
  2. Answer a few questions about your phone and its condition, and Sprint will present an offer
  3. Accept the offer, and Sprint will email you a prepaid shipping label along with packaging and shipping instructions
  4. Once Sprint receives your phone and verifies its condition, credit will be applied to your account within three billing cycles

With lower payouts and delayed payments limited to store credit, Sprint does not offer the best deal for used phones. If you want more money (and in cash), it pays to check Flipsy first.