Where to Sell a Phone in Bend or Redmond, OR

Looking for the best place to sell a phone in Bend or Redmond, Oregon? Payouts can vary significantly, so it pays to understand your options before you sell your phone. Here, we show you who’s buying phones in Bend and Redmond so you can sell your phone for cash today – plus how to find local prices for iPhones, Samsung phones, and other smartphones.

Flipsy Local – Bend-Redmond Stores

On, local buyers list the prices they’ll pay for your phone. You can compare each phone price to see who is paying the most, then sell to your selected buyer. Some buyers will meet you at a location you choose, while others have physical storefronts you can visit. Local buyers pay an average of 30% more than most carriers and 68% more than ecoATM. For example, at the time of this writing you could sell an iPhone X for $563 via Flipsy Local, but you’d only get $425 from AT&T and $330 from ecoATM. A Galaxy S8 would go for $248 on Flipsy Local versus $180 from AT&T and $105 from ecoATM. When you compare offers on Flipsy, you’ll also see pricing from online buyback companies (typically the best prices you can get) so you can see how local offers stack up.

Verizon Trade-In Bend-Redmond Locations

Verizon’s trade-in prices are competitive with online buyback stores. One option to consider is Verizon’s online order/local pickup program: order a new phone online, accept the trade in value (you’ll receive a free trade-in kit to ship your old phone), then pick up your new phone at a local Verizon dealer. Locations include:
Bend River Mall3194 N. Highway 97 Suite 120 | Bend, OR 97701 | 541.382.1899
Redmond1438 S. Highway 97 | Redmond, OR 97756 | 541.923.9970

Bend-Redmond Phone Repair Shops

You can sell your phone to a local repair shop like The iPhone Guy on NW Wall Street in Bend, FK Cellphone Repairs on SE 3rd St. in Bend or Applehead Repair on SW Highland in Redmond. Typically, repair shops offer payouts that are similar to ecoATM – which is to say they often pay considerably less than what you can get by selling your phone to a buyback store. Some repair shops do offer higher payouts on par with what you can get from a Flipsy Local buyer, but you’ll need to do the legwork to contact each one until you find a comparable phone value. Stores may have difficulty giving you an accurate quote over the phone since they’ll want to determine the condition of your device – a process that can take 20 to 30 minutes.

AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint Bend-Redmond Locations

AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint accept phone trade-ins at their stores. However, they pay an average of 30% less than local and online buyback stores. In addition, they pay in store credit instead of cash, and payments can be delayed anywhere between one and three billing cycles. You can visit their websites to get a trade in price:
  • See how much AT&T is paying for used phones here and find an AT&T store here
  • You can check T-Mobile’s current trade-in offers here and locate a local store here
  • Find Sprint’s buyback offers here and a list of Sprint locations here

Bend-Redmond Area ecoATMs

ecoATM kiosks pay instant cash, you can expect to get the lowest payouts. In fact, ecoATM pays an average of 68% less than local and online buyback stores – and that can mean leaving $100 or more on the table if you’re selling a recent model phone. Currently, ecoATM kiosks can be found at in Redmond at Kroger on SW Veterans Way and Walmart on NW Oaktree Lane. Check ecoATM’s kiosk locator page for addresses and updates.