iCracked Review: Trust or Not?

Is it safe to get your phone repaired by iCracked?

Thinking about getting your phone repaired by iCracked? Naturally, you want to make sure you can trust any repair service to fix your phone right, fast and for a fair price. Here’s everything you need to know before you have iCracked repair your phone.

iCracked overview

Devices they repair

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Samsung Galaxy phones

What they repair

  • Cracked screens
  • Charging ports
  • Microphones
  • Headphone ports
  • Buttons (home, power & side)
  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Batteries

How it works

  1. Visit iCracked’s device repair page and select your city, device and the type of repair you need; iCracked will give you an estimated price for your repair
  2. Schedule a date, time and location for your repair (you can meet an iTech at your home, office, coffee shop, gym or another location of your choice)
  3. A local technician (iTech) may call or text you to confirm your appointment
  4. An iTech will meet you at your designated time and place. Most repairs can be completed within one hour, and payment is due once your repair is complete

iCracked offers a lifetime warranty, which covers malfunctioning parts and labor. It does not cover new damage. The company also offers DIY phone repair kits and mail-in phone repair services.

How much does iCracked cost?

Here’s how much iCracked charges to repair an iPhone 8 compared to Apple’s repair program and Verizon’s Equipment Protection Insurance deductible (as of 1/29/2019).

iPhone 8 ScreenPrice
iCracked phone repair$120
Apple phone repair (out of warranty)$169
Verizon Equipment Protection Insurance phone replacement (Asurion)$149
iPhone 8 BatteryCost
iCracked phone repair$70
Apple phone repair (out of warranty)$49
Verizon Equipment Protection Insurance phone replacement (Asurion)$149
iPhone 8 Water DamageCost
iCracked phone repair$100
Apple phone repair (out of warranty)$349
Verizon Equipment Protection Insurance phone replacement (Asurion)$149

iCracked reviews

The Verge
“iCracked is kind of like Uber for broken screen repairs, in that technicians will come to your home, office, or anywhere you happen to be to fix your phone. They can fix your iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy phones in about 25–30 minutes, and are basically the modern-day heroes of our generation.” – Dami Lee

Tech Republic
“Every iTech in the global network has undergone an extensive background check and rigorous training. iCracked warranties their repairs for the lifetime of the device – if they fix an iPad touch screen and it breaks 2 years later, the repair is free.” – Scott Matteson

“iTechs travel to meet consumers, and are capable of almost any smartphone repair, including broken screens, water damage and battery issues.”Drew Casey

Tom’s Guide
“Perhaps you could use the convenience of an on-site repair? Fortunately, iCracked send technicians to you mend your iPhone’s battery on the spot, as well as any other problems you might run into.” – Adam Ismail

The verdict

Based on positive reviews from independent journalists, fast repair times and a lifetime warranty, iCracked is a good option for phone repair. The company comes to you, so you don’t need to hassle with visiting a phone repair shop or mailing your phone in for repair – which can leave you without your phone for an extended period.

The option to meet your iTech in a busy public location means you don’t need to worry about safety, and since most repairs can be completed within 60 minutes you can get your phone back before lunch break is over. Best of all, many iCracked phone repairs cost less than Apple’s own repair program and carrier insurance programs. Schedule a repair with iCracked here.

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