Nintendo 3DS prices, trade in values and places to sell

Some recent sale prices to provide a general idea of how much a Nintendo 3DS is worth.

Nintendo 3DSOnline Buyback StoresBrick-and-Mortar Stores (Best Buy, Target, GameStop)Online Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
Nintendo 3DS$48$20$56
Nintendo 3DS XL$50$24$60
New Nintendo 3DS$55$24$80
New Nintendo 3DS XL$60$30$85

Retrieved 03/29/2019

Nintendo 3DS Price Factors

The prices mentioned here are for Nintendo 3DS consoles with standard storage capacity and charger. Your 3DS can be worth more if you have accessories, more storage, games or a special edition bundle (especially if you still have the original box). In general, you can expect about $5 to $20 more per accessory.

Condition has a major influence on value, as most buyers prefer working consoles with minimal cosmetic damage (though some buyers, particularly those that refurbish gaming systems, will buy damaged and non-working consoles). Expect to get 15-20% less for each downgrade in condition.

Where to sell your Nintendo 3DS

Flipsy Trust Verified Stores Buying The Nintendo 3DS

The following Trust Verified Stores provide cash quotes for your Nintendo 3DS. Let them know your model, condition and any included items. You’ll get a quote delivered to your inbox in about 24 hours. Be sure to describe your 3DS’s condition to get the most accurate price.

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