Where to Sell a Phone in Beaverton, Oregon

Thinking about selling your phone in Beaverton, Oregon? Several local buyers will pay for used iPhones, Galaxy phones, and other smartphones, but they can differ quite a bit on phone price – so it pays to understand your options. Sell your phone for cash today with this list of who’s buying phones in Beaverton.

Flipsy Local – Beaverton Stores compares phone prices from local buyers on a single page so you can see how much each will pay for your phone. Some buyers have storefronts, while others will meet in a location you choose. You can get an average of 30% more than most carriers will pay and 68% more than ecoATM by selling to a local buyer. For example, at the time of this writing you could: Sell an iPhone X for…
Flipsy LocalAT&T Trade InecoATM
Or, sell a Galaxy S8 for…
Flipsy LocalAT&T Trade InecoATM
Flipsy also displays offers from online buyback companies, which typically pay the best prices, so you can see how local options compare.

Verizon Trade-In Beaverton Locations

Verizon trade in value compares to what online buyback stores will pay. One option is Verizon’s online order/local pickup program, which lets you order a new phone and initiate your trade in online. They’ll send a free shipping kit for your old phone, and you can pick up your new phone at a local Verizon store. Locations include:
Cedar Hills2695 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Ste 100 | Beaverton, OR 97005 | 503.469.0182
Washington Square9374 SW Washington Square Rd Ste R05 | Tigard, OR 97223 | 503.620.0395

Beaverton Phone Repair Shops

Local phone repair shops like Goodies Cell Phone Shop on SW Rose Biggi Ave. and Revived Cellular & Technology on SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway will buy used phones. Repair shops typically pay similar to ecoATM, which is significantly less than the phone value given by buyback stores. Some phone repair shops offer better payouts that are more in line with what you can expect from a Flipsy Local buyer, but you’ll need to invest time contacting each until you find a good price. Stores may have a difficult time giving you an accurate quote over the phone, since it can take up to 20 to 30 minutes for them to determine the condition of your device.

AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint Beaverton Locations

You can trade in your phone at any AT&TT-Mobile, or Sprint store. As noted, they pay an average of 30% less than local and online buyback stores. They also pay in credit, not cash, typically applied to your bill within three months. Get a trade in price by contacting them directly:
AT&T Trade-in page Store locatorT-Mobile Trade-in page Store locatorSprint Trade-in page Store locator

Beaverton Area ecoATMs

ecoATM pays in cash but it’s considerably less than you can get elsewhere: 68% less than local and online buyback stores will pay, for example. If you’re selling a recent smartphone, that can amount to $100 or more. You can find ecoATM kiosks at nearby Walmart and Kroger stores. Find an ecoATM kiosk here.