LG Phone Battery Replacement: DIY or Hire It Out?

Is your LG phone battery dead or not charging? We compared LG phone battery replacement options and costs to help you decide whether to replace your own LG battery or pay a battery repair service. NOTE: If you’ve purchased a new LG phone within the last year, check LG’s warranty page to see if you can get a free battery replacement. The warranty covers parts and labor for one year for many phones.

Should you replace your own LG phone battery?

Models with easy battery access

It’s easy to replace your own battery for many older LG phones, including the LG G series models G2 through G5, LG K series models K4, K7 and K10, Nexus series 4, 5 and 5X, and LG V series V10 and V20. The process involves pulling off the back cover and swapping the battery. Most can be removed by hand. Some models require you to remove a few screws to access the battery and some feature a battery quick-release button; in either case, it’s an easy task for most people. This video shows you how to replace an LG V10 battery:

Models with integrated batteries

It’s more difficult to replace a battery in newer LG phones, including the G6, G7 ThinQ and V30. These phones have integrated batteries and do not feature easily-removable back covers, so the process involves:
  • Draining your battery below 25% (to prevent Li-Ion battery fires and explosions)
  • Heating the back cover to soften the underlying adhesive
  • Separating the rear glass from the frame with a pick and suction cup
  • Disconnecting various cables and screws
  • Replacing the battery and reassembling your phone
The job takes around 45 minutes for those who are experienced and comfortable with small electrical component repairs. This video shows you how to replace an LG G6 battery:

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can have your battery replaced by a local phone repair store or online mail-in repair services.
Doing it yourself? Considering a phone repair business?
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WARNING: DIY phone battery replacement can void your warranty. If you don’t know what you are doing or make a mistake, it can also cause additional damage that costs more to fix than the original battery repair. Be sure to buy quality parts: If you use a poorly-constructed aftermarket battery, it could leak acid, catch fire or even explode.

How much does LG phone battery replacement cost?

Here’s a list of battery replacement fees for popular repair services. Replacing your own battery? Scroll down for pricing.
Batteries + Bulbs$70
i Fix Your i$50
My Broken Phone$24 – $69
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How much do LG phone replacement batteries cost?

You can buy OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries for an exact replacement; or, you might be able to save money with an aftermarket brand. You’ll also need the right tools. Phone repair toolkits can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 or more, depending on the quality and quantity of tools.

Did you know? Many phones are worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.

You can buy replacement LG phone batteries from the following stores:
LG PartsLG$20 – $40
New EggLG, Ontrion, Vintrons, Arclyte, Empire & more$10 – $25
AmazonLG, Bastex, Maxbear, Empire & more$6 to $26
Repairs UniverseLG, unbranded$10 to $27
iFixitLG, unbranded$8 to $25
The decision whether to replace your own LG phone battery or hire it out depends on which model you have, the complexity of the replacement and whether you feel comfortable doing it yourself. Tech-savvy, budget-minded people might prefer the DIY option; while those who lack the ability or desire to complete the replacement might prefer hiring it out – especially since the cost difference is relatively minimal.

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