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Motorola Moto X Charging Port Repair Guide

If your Motorola Moto X won’t charge, chances are you can repair it yourself. The following offers detailed instructions for repairing or replacing your Motorola Moto X charging port.

Clean the charging port and check your charger

Start by trying a different phone charger to see if it works; a bad cable or charger could be the culprit. If that’s not the case, you should then clean your charging port to make sure dust, lint, and debris aren’t preventing a solid connection between your charger and charging port.
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You can clean your Motorola Moto X charging port via any or all of the following three methods:

Use canned air to blow into the port
Use a cotton swab to gently pull dust out of the port
Use a needle wrapped with double-sided tape to clear debris from the port

If cleaning your charging port doesn’t help, you might have to replace your Motorola Moto X charging port.

How to replace your Motorola Moto X charging port

What you need

Pry tool
Hair dryer (optional)
Torx T4 screwdriver
Replacement Motorola Motox X charging port

STEP ONE: Use the pry tool to remove the back cover (if needed, apply LIGHT heat with a hair dryer).

STEP TWO: Once the back cover is free, open the phone to the left (like a book) and use the pry tool to remove the single cable connector. Remove the back cover completely.

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STEP THREE: Remove the eleven T4 screws.

STEP FOUR: Use the pry tool to remove the metal spacer on the right size and then the plastic bottom cover.

STEP FIVE: Remove the charging port from the motherboard.

STEP SIX: Place the new charging port on the motherboard, then follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble your Motorola Moto X.

For a visual guide to replacing your Motorola Moto X charging port, watch this YouTube video.

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