How to Safely Remove a Screen Protector

Need to remove your screen protector but it’s stubbornly stuck on your phone? Here’s how to remove a screen protector without scratching your device. Tips
  • It might be helpful to heat your screen protector for 15 seconds with a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive. Do not heat it too long or you risk loosening the adhesive under the screen
  • If you have a tempered glass screen protector and it’s cracked or shattered, place a piece of tape over it first to keep it in one piece during removal

STEP 1: Use your fingernail to pry up a corner of the screen protector. If you can’t get your fingernail underneath it, try a toothpick, credit card or guitar pick (or pry with a toothpick and insert a credit card or guitar pick under the corner to maintain separation). If you have a soft, flexible screen protector you can alternatively apply a piece of duct tape to the corner and lift. At this point, you might be able to remove the screen protector with no further steps.
STEP 2: Run your fingernail, credit card or guitar pick under the edges. This will loosen your screen protector all the way around the device. If the screen protector reattaches, place additional credit cards or guitar picks to maintain separation as you move around the perimeter.
STEP 3: Gently pull the screen protector away from your phone, using a credit card or guitar pick to pry as-needed until it’s completely removed.

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