Flipsy: Trusted or Not?

Can you trust Flipsy when you’re ready to sell your phone or other device? It’s a question you should ask before you sell your phone to any online buyback company. Here’s why thousands of people have trusted Flipsy to find great prices for their iPhones, Android phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, Apple Watches and Mac computers.

The Flipsy Story: Trust, and An End to Mail Fraud

When we founded Flipsy in 2005, our goal was to compare prices from every single buyback store so our users could instantly see who was paying the most for any device. We didn’t anticipate that some companies would employ unscrupulous tactics like refusing to pay for phones users shipped to them. After all, who would commit mail fraud – a federal crime – over a $300 phone?

Unfortunately, there are indeed companies willing to risk prison time to defraud sellers, a lesson we learned the hard way. When one of the stores we searched refused to make payments, we footed the bill and paid the original quoted price to every Flipsy user who was affected. The experience opened our eyes to the importance of trust in this industry, and we resolved that no Flipsy user would ever again need to worry whether they would receive payment for their devices.

That resolution led us to develop a stringent vetting process, so that we now only include stores that adhere to our strict standards. We call them Trust Verified Stores, and we monitor them regularly to ensure they send payments within one to three days of receiving devices, they respond to questions within one business day or less and they have recent good feedback on third-party review sites.

Our foundational goal remains the same – to get you more money for used devices – but we’ve also eliminated the risk in selling your phone online. It’s one reason we get so many 5-star reviews from satisfied users and why we’re recommended by media outlets like CNET, Lifehacker, ABC News and Digital Trends. That’s why you can trust Flipsy.

Flipsy Reviews

Can you trust Flipsy? See what real users and media outlets say about us.

“A pleasant, quick, satisfying way to sell my older iPhone for a great price.” – MasonStorm

“Flipsy was extremely easy to use and a much better service then going through Amazon or another retail store!” – Christine K.

“I opted to get a new phone and was looking for the best deal on trading in my previous one. Flipsy found me the best offer, and the entire process went smoothly. Highly recommend Flipsy.” – Marcia

“Showed me many buyers with their prices for my old phone, and process was a breeze.” – Kevin

“The site was super easy to use and found an additional $30 for my cell phone trade in. Thank you!” – CCMoran

“My second time selling phones through Flipsy. I get a better price than what Verizon or some of the other online vendors offer especially when you add in the coupon code that Flipsy offers.” – JR H.

“Spending precious time going from trade-in site to trade-in site is no longer necessary thanks to Flipsy.” – CNET

“If you’re trying to decide where to sell your phone, the site Flipsy can be a great place to start.” – Lifehacker

“Flipsy can scan the marketplace and tell you where you will get the best price for your phone.” – ABC  News

“Flipsy connects people selling their iPhone to shops that want to buy it. Sellers can quickly look at all the offers available and take the highest bid.” – Gotta Be Mobile

“Finding the best price is all about doing some research. You can take a shortcut with an aggregation site like Flipsy.” – Digital Trends

You can count on Flipsy’s Trust Verified process to get a great price and quick payment. See how much your phone is worth.



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