HTC One Lock Screen Password Reset Guide

Forgot your HTC One lock screen pin? Got locked out of your HTC One because you entered your password too many times? Here are three ways to get back into your HTC One.

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Method 1: Google Find My Device factory reset

In its previous incarnation, Google Find My Device (Android Device Manager) allowed you to remotely reset your HTC One password. Unfortunately, that option is no longer available, so you’ll need to settle for a factory reset. It’s quick and easy, but if you don’t have a backup you’ll lose your data. Both Location and Find My Device must be enabled and your phone must be turned on for this method to work.
STEP 1: Visit Google Find My Device from a computer, tablet or another phone
STEP 2: Select your HTC One, then choose ERASE
Your HTC One will reset to factory settings. When done, you can set it up like new, create a new pin and restore a backup.

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Method 2: Factory reset your HTC One via recovery mode

If you can’t use Google Find My Device, you can still reset your HTC One to factory settings via recovery mode. Then, you can create a new password and restore a backup.
STEP 1: Press and hold both the VOLUME DOWN and POWER buttons.
STEP 2: Release the buttons when the three-Android screen appears.
STEP 3: Press the VOLUME DOWN button to select FACTORY RESET, then press the POWER button.
Your HTC One will now hard reset to factory settings. This video offers a visual guide to resetting your HTC One to factory settings.

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Method 3: HTC One unlocking software

If you’re worried about losing photos, files and other data and you don’t have a backup to restore, you can try unlocking software. These programs often cost money and there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to bypass your lock screen, but it’s worth a shot if you’re out of options. Verify the legitimacy of unlocking software before you try it, especially if it’s free, to avoid the potential for malware and scams. Two options include Tensorshare 4uKey and AndroidSoft. Both claim to work on HTC phones. You can also search online for “HTC One unlock software” and “Android unlock software.”
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How to restore your HTC One after a factory reset

If automatic backup is enabled, you’ll be able to sign in to your Google account and recover contacts, photos, videos and other data; plus up to 25MB of data per app (most apps), call history, SMS messages and phone settings.

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If you don’t have a backup, unfortunately you will not be able to restore your HTC One. In that case, unlocking software might be worth a try.

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