Now You Can Sell Locked Phones on Flipsy

Is your locked phone worth anything? You bet it is! We just added a new store that makes it easy to sell locked phones for a good price: iBuyLocked. Now, you can sell your locked phone even if it’s activation locked, still under financing or blacklisted with a bad IMEI. Here’s how it works:
  1. Find your phone on Flipsy
  2. Click on the “Locked or Blacklisted?” link
  3. Compare prices based on your phone’s condition, then choose the best offer to cash in on your locked phone

Locked phone prices

If your phone is locked its value will drop by around 35% to 85%, depending on the type of lock. For example, an iPhone 7 Plus in “good” condition (32GB, Verizon) is currently worth $265. If you still owe money on it (financed lock), it’s worth $170. Blacklisted? The price is $155. If it’s iCloud activation locked, you can expect to get around $40. Prices for clean, locked and blacklisted phones, compared
iPhone XS Max$718$675$675$465
iPhone XS$660$580$580$370
iPhone XR$510$415$415$145
iPhone X$525$415$415$205
iPhone 8 Plus$418$300$300$80
iPhone 8$340$195$195$25
iPhone 7 Plus$265$170$155$40
iPhone 7$175$110$55
Retrieved 5/8/19. All phones base capacity in “good” condition on the Verizon network Note that in this context, “locked phone” refers to phones that are locked or blacklisted by the carrier, which is different from phones that are locked to a carrier.

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