Broken iPhone 7 Screen: Sell or Fix?

How much does iPhone 7 screen repair cost? Should you sell it or fix it? We’ll help you decide!

If your iPhone 7 screen is cracked and you’re not sure whether to fix it before you sell it, start by comparing its broken price versus its net value repaired:

Price Broken VS Net Value Repaired (price in “good” condition – cost of repair)

In general, you can get the most money if you repair your iPhone yourself before you sell it, but professional repair isn’t worth it. Once you factor in the repair cost, you’ll get more for a broken iPhone 7.

For example, a 32 GB iPhone 7 in good condition is worth $175. It costs around $20 to repair it yourself, so you could cash in for $155. Professional screen replacement runs between $99 and $149, which would net $26 to $76; but you could sell it broken for $92.

Here’s how to compare your options and get the most money if you have a broken iPhone 7 screen.

Determine iPhone 7 screen replacement cost

You have two options for fixing your iPhone 7 screen: do-it-yourself or paid repair services. The DIY approach is cheaper, but if you’re not experienced you run the risk of causing additional damage. Aftermarket iPhone 7 LCD and digitizers run between $20 and $25, and you can find repair toolkits for around $5 to $10.

If you decide to go the DIY route, you can find iPhone 7 screen replacement guides on sites like YouTube and iFixit.

Paid iPhone 7 repair services cost more, but you won’t need to worry about additional damage. Many repair companies offer guarantees and warranties for extra peace-of-mind.

Expect to pay between $99 and $170 for iPhone 7 screen repair, less if it’s under warranty: $29 if you have AppleCare+.

iPhone 7 screen repair costs compared (LCD & digitizer)

MODELDIY Repair Cost (parts)Repair Service Cost
iPhone 7Repairs Universe: $20

DirectFix: $22 (aftermarket) to $45 (premium)

iFixit: $65
Apple Store & Best Buy: $149 (or $29 with AppleCare+)

iResQ: $99

iCracked: Around $110
iPhone 7 PlusRepairs Universe: $22

DirectFix: $24 (aftermarket) to $58 (premium)

iFixit: $70
Apple Store & Best Buy: $169 (or $29 with AppleCare+)

iResQ: $109

iCracked: Around $110

Calculate the net value of your iPhone 7 after screen replacement

Now that you know the price to replace your iPhone 7 screen, you can calculate its net value as such:

iPhone 7 Price – Cost of Repair = NET VALUE

Here are some example prices for iPhone 7 models in “good” condition on the Verizon network:

iPhone 7 32 GB$175
iPhone 7 128 GB$195
iPhone 7 256 GB$214
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB$265
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB$285
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB$305
Retrieved 5/9/2019

Next, calculate the net value based on your selected repair method. The net value is how much you could get if you fix your iPhone 7 screen before you sell it.

iPhone 7 32 GBDIY$175$20$155
iPhone 7 128 GBDIY$195$20$175
iPhone 7 256 GBDIY$214$20$194
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GBDIY$265$22$243
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GBDIY$285$22$263
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GBDIY$305$22$283
iPhone 7 32 GBRepair Service$175$99$76
iPhone 7 128 GBRepair Service$195$99$96
iPhone 7 256 GBRepair Service$214$99$115
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GBRepair Service$265$109$156
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GBRepair Service$285$109$176
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GBRepair Service$305$109$196

Find out how much a broken iPhone 7 is worth

Use Flipsy to see how much your iPhone 7 is worth with a broken screen. For example:

iPhone 7 32 GB$92
iPhone 7 128 GB$102
iPhone 7 256 GB$112
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB$112
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB$127
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB$137
Retrieved 5/9/2019

Compare iPhone 7 prices, repaired VS broken

Finally, you need to compare the net value of your iPhone 7 repaired versus broken. This makes it easy to see which option maximizes your resale value. Here’s a breakdown:

iPhone 7 32 GBDIY$155$92Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 128 GBDIY$175$102Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 256 GBDIY$194$112Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GBDIY$243$112Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GBDIY$263$127Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GBDIY$283$137Repair, then sell
iPhone 7 32 GBRepair Service$76$92Sell
iPhone 7 128 GBRepair Service$96$102Sell
iPhone 7 256 GBRepair Service$115$112Sell
iPhone 7 Plus 32 GBRepair Service$156$112Sell
iPhone 7 Plus 128 GBRepair Service$176$127Sell
iPhone 7 Plus 256 GBRepair Service$196$137Sell

As the table illustrates, you’ll get the most money if you repair your iPhone 7 yourself; however, if you’re not comfortable tearing into your phone or simply don’t want to hassle with it, you’re better off selling it broken than springing for a repair service.

There is one final consideration: how long you intend to keep your iPhone 7. If you plan to keep it for another year or two, it might be worth paying for repair. If you’re intent on selling it, use the above table to decide whether to fix it first or sell it with a broken screen.

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