Broken Galaxy S8 Screen: Sell or Fix?

How much does Galaxy S8 screen repair cost? Should you sell it or fix it? We’ll help you decide! If you have a cracked Galaxy S8 screen and you’re not sure whether to fix it before you sell it, start by comparing its broken price to its net value after repair: Price Broken VS Net Value Repaired (price in “good” condition – cost of repair) Typically, you can get the most money if you sell your broken Galaxy S8 instead of fixing it. The net value of repair isn’t worth it once you factor in repair parts or professional screen replacement.

For example, a Galaxy S8 in good condition is worth $117. It costs at least $145 to repair it yourself, which means you’ll lose $28. The cheapest professional screen repair option we found costs $220, which means you’d lose $103. However, you can sell a broken Galaxy S8 for $23 – certainly more than you’d get even if you repaired it yourself. Want to make sure you’re getting the best deal? Here’s how to compare your options and get the most money for a Galaxy S8 with a cracked screen.
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Determine Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost

You have two Galaxy S8 screen repair options: do-it-yourself or paid screen replacement services. DIY screen repair is cheaper, but if you’re not experienced you could cause additional (and costly) damage. Aftermarket Galaxy S8 LCD and digitizers cost between $145 and $164, and you can find screen repair toolkits for around $5 to $10. If you decide to fix your own Galaxy S8 screen, you can find repair guides on sites like YouTube and iFixit.

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Professional Galaxy S8 repair services are more expensive but offer peace-of-mind: you won’t risk additional damage, and many companies offer guarantees and warranties. Expect to pay between $220 and $349 for Galaxy S8 screen replacement (unless it’s under warranty). Galaxy S8 screen repair costs compared (LCD & digitizer)
MODELDIY Repair Cost (parts)Repair Service Cost
Galaxy S8Repairs Universe: $158 Injured Gadgets: $145iResQ: $349 uBreakiFix: $220
Galaxy S8 PlusRepairs Universe: $155 Injured Gadgets: $164iResQ: $289 uBreakiFix: $230
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Calculate the net value of your Galaxy S8 after screen replacement

Once you know how much it costs to replace a Galaxy S8 screen, you can calculate the net value after repair as such: Galaxy S8 Price – Cost of Repair = NET VALUE Here are some example prices for Galaxy S8 models in “good” condition on the Verizon network:
Galaxy S8$117
Galaxy S8 Plus$135
Retrieved 12/23/2019

Next, calculate the net value based on your selected repair method. This is how much you could get if you repair your Galaxy S8 screen before you sell it.
Galaxy S8DIY$117$145-$28
Galaxy S8 PlusDIY$135$155-$20
Galaxy S8Repair Service$117$220-$103
Galaxy S8 PlusRepair Service$135$230-$95

Find out how much a broken Galaxy S8 is worth

Use Flipsy to see how much your Galaxy S8 is worth with a cracked screen. For example:
Galaxy S8$23
Galaxy S8 Plus$23
Retrieved 12/23/2019

Compare Galaxy S8 prices, repaired VS broken

Finally, you need to compare the net value of your Galaxy S8 repaired versus broken. Doing so makes it easy to see which option maximizes your resale value. Here’s a breakdown:
Galaxy S8DIY-$28$23Sell
Galaxy S8 PlusDIY-$20$23Sell
Galaxy S8Repair Service-$103$23Sell
Galaxy S8 PlusRepair Service-$95$23Sell
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As the table illustrates, you’ll get the most money if you sell your broken Galaxy S8. If you plan to keep your phone for another year or two, it might be worth paying for repair – but it will lose value over time, so sell it now if you want to put extra cash in your pocket or you’re ready to upgrade to a new phone.

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