How to Unlock a Blacklisted iPhone

Need to unlock a blacklisted iPhone? Remove iCloud activation lock? Unlock an iPhone you still owe money on? A locked or blacklisted iPhone isn’t the end of the world. Here’s what you can do, including how to unlock an iPhone that’s blacklisted.

How to unlock your iPhone

Determine which type of lock has been placed on your iPhone (blacklisted, iCloud activation lock or finance lock). Then, use the appropriate method to unlock it:

Not sure if your phone is blacklisted? Here’s how to find out

Remove iCloud activation lock: If you have your proof of purchase, an Apple Store can help you remove the lock. If you don’t have your proof of purchase, you can try software like dr.fone or pay an iCloud activation lock removal service like DoctorUnlock.

Remove a finance lock: Pay off your iPhone or switch to a carrier that will pay your balance and/or early termination fees. Alternatively, see if you can get out of your phone contract.

Another option is to transfer your phone and contract to someone else. This isn’t the same as unlocking your phone, but it can eliminate payments and free up funds. If you no longer need your phone, you can even sell your locked iPhone online.

Remove your iPhone from the blacklist: If your iPhone was blacklisted in error, you can ask your carrier to have it removed. If that doesn’t work, or your iPhone was reported lost or stolen, you can try an iPhone blacklist removal service like IMEI Authority.

Did you know? Even locked phones can be worth $100+. Find the value of your phone.

If you’re unable to unlock your iPhone or you simply don’t want to hassle with it, there’s still hope: you can sell a locked iPhone. You won’t get as much money as you would for an unlocked iPhone, but you can still cash in with minimal effort. Here’s how much locked iPhones are worth compared to unlocked iPhones:

iPhone XS Max$275$275$245$60
iPhone XS$200$200$170$30
iPhone XR$195$195$175$15
iPhone X$170$170$150$35
iPhone 8 Plus$130$130$110$25
iPhone 8$90$90$70$15
iPhone 7 Plus$95$95$85$10
iPhone 7$40$40$30
Retrieved 09/27/2021. All iPhones base capacity in “good” condition on the Verizon network Ready to sell? You can use Flipsy to find the value of your locked iPhone. Browse or search for your iPhone, then click the “Locked or Blacklisted?” link to compare offers for different types of iPhone locks.

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